Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Toggle sidebar visibility in all open Finder windows

Using an AppleScript, create a Service (in 10.6) that will let you toggle the visibility of the sidebar in all open Finder windows. This also works in 10.5, but it's not quite as useful there, as the script can't fully hide the sidebar.

Open minimized windows in current space in Snow Leopard

Learn a simple keyboard shortcut to release minimized windows into the active Space, instead of back into their original Space.

Enable global text replacements in Snow Leopard

In Snow Leopard, text replacement must be enabled on a program by program basis. Use this hint to enable text replacements globally, at least in all programs that support them.

Bugs & Fixes: LaunchBar causes an unexpected surprise

LaunchBar is an application (plus much more) par excellence. But a new feature in LaunchBar 5 has caused a headache for bug-finder Ted Landau.

Looking at the changes to Snow Leopard's top command

Learn about some key changes to the Unix 'top' command in Snow Leopard

Add more effects to Photo Booth and iChat

Learn how to add over 20 additional effects to photos taken in Photo Booth and iChat

Delete networked files without caution dialog

Learn a timesaving (but potentially dangerous) method of deleting files stored on networked volumes without going through the Finder's "are you sure?" warning dialog.

See icon previews in folder Quick Look windows

Learn how to see a rotating set of icon previews for files within folders in Quick Look mode - perhaps not terribly useful, but visually intriguing

Two more Snow Leopard Expose tips

Learn how to change the Expose All Windows sort order, and how to control whether or not Expose searches across Spaces in Application Windows mode.

Add notes to events and contacts created with data detectors

Data detectors in Mail in 10.5 and 10.6 can help you create new contacts and events from dates, addresses, and phone numbers. Learn how to automatically associate notes with these new entries.

Find recently-used apps and documents in Snow Leopard

In Snow Leopard, you can use the Recent Items menu to help you quickly find where you saved a recently-used document (or application).

Two ways to download software updates in Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard removed a useful 'download only' option from Software Update. Learn two ways to replace that lost functionality.

See which processes are using the Internet

Use Terminal to see which processes are using your Internet connection

Recovering an erased hard drive

So, you erased your hard drive. Here's one recommendation for a tool to use to recover it.

Select Expose windows by name in Snow Leopard

Learn how to select any window in Expose's All Windows mode based on the name of that window.