Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Advice from an Apple tech: When your Mac gets too toasty

What are the long-term effects of overheating on a Mac? Beyond warmer temperatures and additional noise from the fan working overtime to cool its operating environment, you can expect to see slower performance.

Cure for the uncommon vertical signature

You've followed Chris Breen's advice for creating a digital signature in Preview yet your John Hancock appears vertical instead of the other. He offers two workarounds.

Bugs & Fixes: SandboxCleaner cleans up QuickTime component crashes

Boinx has released a tool to help with QuickTime component conflicts that may cause sandboxes applications to crash. Ted Landau explains.

How to fast-charge your iPhone or iPad using a standard USB port

Free utility Asus Ai Charger works a little black magic to make your iDevices charge faster.


Happy World Backup Day: Start backing up your Mac today

World Backup Day may be a made-up holiday, but the lesson it brings is an important one: Back up your files, or risk losing everything. It's easier to get started than you might think.

Bugs & Fixes: Recover photos lost in an import

Ted Landau relates the tale of a friend who fears he's lost every photo on his iPhone. Ted, naturally, came to the rescue.

When applications consume too much RAM

Your Mac throws up an error that you've run out of application memory. Chris Breen shows you how to troubleshoot this issue.

Making Dropbox your default folder

If you're tired of leaving your important work documents at the office when traveling, take a hint from Chris Breen and make your Dropbox folder the default save location for your files.

Solving the mystery of the empty PDF form

You've filled out a PDF form in Preview and sent it to a colleague or friend, but they report the form's empty. What gives? Dan Moren's got the skinny and the fix.

Wirelessly browse your Mac's files from your iOS device

Care to move a file on the Mac downstairs to the iPad on the third floor? No need to sync when a simple utility makes the job a snap. Chris Breen explains.

When Back to My Mac won't

So, Back to My Mac takes you nowhere, much less to your Mac? Chris Breen offers two solutions for fixing the problem as one alternative.

Sneaking past the Gatekeeper

Reader Richard finds his way blocked when trying to launch a favorite application. Chris Breen shows him the path forward.

Keep your data safe when you travel for the holidays

Hitting the road this holiday season? Before you do, follow these steps to make sure you don't find a data disaster if your computer falls prey to nature, theft, or bad luck while you're out and about.

Evaluating the strength of your AirPort network

The little fan icon in your Mac's menu bar tells you precious little about how strong your AirPort network's signal really is. With the help of Chris Breen and some light math, you can get a better clue.

How to manage passwords with Keychain Access

Curious to know how you can better manage your passwords? Chris Breen provides tips and tricks for getting the most from OS X's Keychain Access.