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Keep your data safe when you travel for the holidays

Hitting the road this holiday season? Before you do, follow these steps to make sure you don't find a data disaster if your computer falls prey to nature, theft, or bad luck while you're out and about.

Evaluating the strength of your AirPort network

The little fan icon in your Mac's menu bar tells you precious little about how strong your AirPort network's signal really is. With the help of Chris Breen and some light math, you can get a better clue.

How to manage passwords with Keychain Access

Curious to know how you can better manage your passwords? Chris Breen provides tips and tricks for getting the most from OS X's Keychain Access.

How to restore your data from the cloud

Online backups are an important part of a well-balanced backup strategy. But after disaster strikes, how exactly do you restore all that data you lost?

How to restore data from Time Machine in Mountain Lion

If you use Time Machine regularly, you're ready for whatever technological mishaps life throws at you. Restoring data from Time Machine is just as easy as backing things up in the first place.

Moving a Time Machine backup

The drive you've been using for your Time Machine backups is now full. Chris Breen shows you how to move that backup to a more capacious drive.

Building better reminders: Quick to-dos and audible alerts

Have you ever wished that when your Mac reminded you of an upcoming event, it would shout, "Hey! This is important!" to get your attention? Automator makes that possible.

Simultaneously working with two accounts on a single Mac

You sit at Mac A. Mac B, on which you have an account, is being used by someone else. Chris Breen explains how both of you can work on Mac B at the same time using different accounts.

Resizing a Boot Camp partition

You've created a Boot Camp partition but, uh oh, it's not as expansive as you now need it to be. Chris Breen offers suggestions for fattening it up.

My day with Siri

Staff writer Lex Friedman spends more time than ever with Siri, thanks to the improvements in iOS 6. But despite its many strengths, it still isn't perfect.

Automator workflow of the month: One-touch tidiness

If you're like 97 percent of us, you toss files on the desktop with abandon. Need an easy way to clean it up? Automator and Chris Breen show you how.

Troubleshoot your wireless network with Wi-Fi Diagnostics

OS X comes with its own utility for monitoring and analysing the traffic on your local wireless network. Glenn Fleishman has a walk-through.

Rendering text-to-speech files

Have some text documents that you'd like to save as spoken-word audio files? Automator provides the way.