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Bugs & Fixes: Default folder changes in Mountain Lion

The Save dialog for apps that support OS X 10.8's Documents in the Cloud feature makes iCloud the default location for saving a new document. And Ted Landau found that you can't change the default folder location.

Playing Amazon Instant Video from iPad to TV

There's no technical reason that you shouldn't be able to stream any video from your iOS device to an attached TV. It's simply a matter of getting around the license restrictions. Chris Breen shows you how.

Hands on with Mountain Lion's OS X Recovery and Internet Recovery

Mountain Lion, like Lion before it, lets you boot your Mac into a special recovery mode called OS X Recovery. This mode includes a few essential utilities for fixing problems, restoring files, browsing the Web, and reinstalling the operating system. Here's our comprehensive look at this troubleshooting tool and the special Internet Recovery feature available on recent Macs.

How to make a bootable Mountain Lion install drive

Though you can install Mountain Lion directly from your Mac's hard drive, a bootable installer drive can be more convenient for installing the OS onto multiple Macs. And if your Mac is experiencing problems, a bootable installer makes a handy emergency drive. We walk you through the process of creating such a drive, step-by-step.

Move iTunes media files to other locations with TuneSpan

TuneSpan lets you move parts of your iTunes library to other hard drives, but still use the content for playback and syncing as usual. Kirk McElhearn walks you through how to use it.

Sharing a wireless keyboard and mouse

Two Macs, one keyboard and one mouse (or one trackpad). Care to control those Macs with just one set of input devices? Chris Breen shows you how.

MacBook Woe: A tale of a near Mac disaster, averted by good backups

The hard drive in Lex Friedman's MacBook Pro failed after a water-related disaster at 30,000 feet. Good backups and some good luck prevented a true data disaster.

Bugs & Fixes: From missing alarms to update woes

Ted Landau address a trio of issues including inconsistent calendar alarms, delayed typing, and update difficulties in this week's Bugs & Fixes.

Discover hidden features in iOS's built-in apps

You've probably mastered your favorite built-in iOS apps, like Camera, Mail, and Safari. But there are other stock apps too, and they include some features you just might not know about yet.


Automator workflow of the month: Add Spotlight comments

Adding Spotlight comments to your files and folders can make it easier to locate those items later. Sound like more trouble than it's worth? Automator makes it a cinch with this one-line workflow.

Empty the #$&@! trash already!

You say attempts to empty your Mac's trash fail with an arcane error? Chris Breen has a solution.

Remotely transfer iPhoto images to iPhone

You're on the road and you need some images in your Mac's iPhoto library on your iPhone, tout suite. Chris Breen explains how to do it.

Restarting a remote Mac

You have two Macs and you'd like to restart one from the other. Chris Breen offers two solutions for doing just that.