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Automator workflow of the month: Convert PowerPoint to Keynote

Seeking a way to easily open and save PowerPoint presentations in Keynote? This month's Automator workflow shows you how.

Unzip almost any archive file

Sometimes, .zip files (and other archives) don't unzip when you double-click them. When that happens, there are a couple of other things you can try.

How to capture video from an iOS device

Interested in making a screencast based on actions taking place on an iOS device? It used to be a pain in the neck. Thanks to AirPlay that pain has eased significantly.

How to manage your Mac's keyboard shortcuts

Many of us rely on keyboard shortcuts to work with our Macs more efficiently. But such reliance presents a problem: How to remember and manage all those shortcuts? Rob Griffiths has a few tips.

Converting CDs to Windows-compatible ISO images

Problem: You have a hybrid CD that contains software drivers you need for your Windows PC. But the Windows PC doesn't have a media drive. Solution: Create a Windows-compatible disk image on your Mac.

Tweaking Lion's firewall

Like versions of OS X's firewall before it, Lion limits what you can do with the firewall from within the Security & Privacy system preference. Thankfully there's a terrific tool for digging deeper.

Automator workflow of the month: System Information on a stick

If you troubleshoot a number of Macs and seek a way to easily generate detailed reports about each one of those computer's hardware and software, Automator provides a slick solution.

Fix HandBrake DVD ripping if you've installed VLC 2.0

If you upgraded to the latest version of VLC Player, you may no longer be able to rip encrypted DVDs with HandBrake. Luckily, there's an easy fix.

Missing apps, missing Safari warnings, and more

Chris Breen gets a lot of questions but those questions don't always merit a long answer. In this edition of Mac 911 he makes a dent in the mailbag by answer questions about missing iOS apps, how to restore Safari warnings, using a "PC" hard drive with a Mac, and redownloading the Lion installer.

Emptying the trash automatically

No, Automator doesn't include an Empty the Trash action, but Chris Breen reveals how you can build your own.

Quickly create new Sticky notes

Here are two ways to quickly create new notes from selected text or images in the Mac's venerable Stickies app.

Keeping Mac OS and data on separate drives

At one time keeping your home folder on a drive other than the one used to start up your Mac was something of a black art. It needn't be. Chris Breen explains.

Enable local Time Machine snapshots on a desktop Mac

Lion introduced local Time Machine snapshots for when your laptop isn't connected to your backup drive. But you can enable those local snapshots on a desktop Mac, too.