Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Lion and the Rosetta dead-end

You say you have an older version of Quicken that won't run under Lion? Have you thought about Windows lately?

Automate slimming and sending PDF files

A reader would like to not only slim down his PDF files, but also e-mail them to his clients. With Automator it can be a one-step process.

Automator workflow of the month: Create to-do items anywhere

Need help remembering all those things you're supposed to do? This one line Automator workflow will let you create iCal to-do items from within any application.

Get rid of .zip files once they're expanded

It's one of those little irritations: You double-click on a .zip file to expand it, the expanded files appear, and the .zip file is still there. Here's a way to get rid of it.

Fix calendar slowdowns

iCal or BusyCal running slow? It could be due to the events of your past.

Mac troubleshooting FAQ: iCal and Mail

Address Book, iCal, and Mail are super-handy. But they're not always fool-proof. Chris Breen answers the most common troubleshooting questions about these three apps.

How to capture audio with Soundflower

It's possible to capture sounds your Mac makes as well as audio streamed from the Internet. And you can do it for free with Soundflower. Here's how.

Automator workflow of the month: Filter Address Book contacts

Need to throw together a mailing list or export contacts as vCards? Automator makes it easy.

Make Snow Leopard (and other cats) roar like Lion

Can't wait for Lion's release later this year? Computerworld's Rayn Faas tracks down current Mac utilities and apps that can turn make your Snow Leopard-running Mac approximate some of Lion's promised features.

Building a better macro

Macro utilities can make using a Mac easier--when all the macro's steps work. Lend them a hand by assigning keyboard shortcuts to buried commands.

How to extract media files from your iPod or iOS device

It's always a good idea to back up your iTunes library. But if disaster does strike, you may not be completely out of luck -- assuming you've synced a good portion of your library to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Six ways to clean up your Mac

It's spring again, and with the new season comes the age-old ritual of cleaning out things you ignored for most of the year. If you're like most of us, this includes your Mac.

How to use your Mac without a mouse

Becoming a mouse-avoiding keyboard junkie is a learnable skill; it requires practice and memorization. Everyone knows a few keyboard shortcuts, and mastering more will help you get your work done faster.