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Put your audiobooks in the cloud with iTunes Match

iTunes Match doesn't work with audiobooks from the iTunes Store, but with a few tricks, you can get your other audiobooks uploaded in the cloud to enjoy. Kirk McElhearn explains how.

Three quick iMessage tips

The new iMessage feature, introduced with iOS 5, is good out of the box. But with a few quick tips, you can make the iOS device messaging capability even better.

Modernizing an email client

Reader John Ramette would like to move to Lion, but he believes his old email client stands in the way. Chris Breen sets him straight.

Make the season bright with holiday videos

You can do more than simply reminisce about beloved holiday videos. Many and more of them are available online. Here are a few sources for these treasures.

Bugs & Fixes: Decoding Apple’s Safari 5.1.2 release notes

Apple's sparse release notes can make it difficult to find out what a software update fixes. Such is the case with Safari 5.1.2. But Ted Landau digs into the listed improvements of the latest version to find out what's changed.

Creating the perfect Pandora holiday station

Why spend a nickel on music that you won't listen to 11 months out of the year? With Pandora you can fill your home with the right holiday jingles.

Five ways to create and send holiday photo cards

It's the most wonderful time of the year. That's right, holiday card season! We take a look at five user-friendly options that make it easy to create and send photo cards to your loved ones.

How to fix iTunes Match Error tracks

Have a tracked that iTunes Match has marked as an Error? Dan Moren's got one solution for fixing them.

Share Reminders with iCloud, add them with Siri

You can create shared Reminders lists with iOS 5 and iCloud. Then, you and others can add to and review the shared list--using Siri on the iPhone 4S, if you wish.

Add a Mickey Mouse clock to your Dashboard

Because Apple hosts a fully-functional version of its iPod nano Mickey Mouse clock face on its website, you can put a working copy of it in Dashboard.

Solve Mail search problems

Even when you know the basics of searching in Lion's Mail, sometimes an email message you clearly remember stubbornly stays lost. If a Mail search doesn't display messages that you know it should, it may be time to take action.

How to find Mail messages in Lion

The Lion version of Mail includes useful new search features, but also adds complexity and confusion to the process of finding messages. You can locate the messages you want, quickly and easily, by following some simple steps and learning a few pro tricks.

Filing flagged email

Seeking a simple way to file email that you've flagged with a particular color? A smart mailbox will do the trick.