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Bugs & Fixes: Logging into iCloud and MobileMe with separate accounts

Some MobileMe subscribers may wish to set up a new Apple ID for iCloud rather than migrating -- at least initially. If you intend to go the separate account route, Ted Landau has a few tips to help you get started.

All about iCloud: Common signup scenarios

Apple's iCloud service, paired with iOS 5 and Lion, offers users a whole wealth of new sync features, access to purchased content, and geolocation fun. Unfortunately, as iCloud is the company's fourth online service iteration, trying to upgrade can be confusing at best, slam-your-head-against-a-wall-in-frustration at worst. To help ease the pain (and keep your walls dent-free), we've put together some common upgrading scenarios for migrating to iCloud.

Hands on with Find My iPhone, Mac, and Friends

The launch of iCloud has ushered in a spate of location-aware services that help you track down your iOS devices, your Mac, and even your friends. Dan Frakes takes Find My iPhone, Find My Mac, and Find My Friends out for a spin.

Copy Mail's autocomplete database to a new Mac

If you move to a new Mac, you needn't lose Mail's autocomplete database. Here's how to find the necessary, tucked-away file to copy.

Bugs & Fixes: Solving Mac OS X Mail Crashes

Are you stuck in a loop where Apple's Mail crashes whenever you launch it because of a "bad" message? Ted Landau has the cure.

Show dates and times in Mail's message list

The message list in Lion's version of Mail displays each message's date or time received. But with a few System Preferences tweaks, you can make Mail show both the date and the time simultaneously.

Keep your Mac safe from Web security flaws

This year has seen numerous security breaches at the root infrastructure of Web privacy and security. How can regular users protect themselves? Glenn Fleishman has some expert suggestions.

MobileMe gallery alternatives

As of July 1, 2012, MobileMe Galleries are dead, dead, dead. How will you share your images in the future? Here are some ideas.

How to filter Google News

Tired of seeing tittle-tattle that passes for news on Google's News site? Here's how to filter out the cruft.

Bugs & Fixes: Microsoft Outlook annoyances

Ted Landau compares his experience with Microsoft's email clients, Entourage and Outlook 2011 and finds Outlook wanting in a few ways.

Automator workflow of the month: Automatically email a weekly schedule

Whether you need to organize a carpool or a department, using Automator you can easily create a summary of a weekly schedule and send it out to those who need to keep track of events.

62 things you can do with Dropbox

We love Dropbox, the file-synchronizing service. We know Macworld readers do too. So a few months ago, we asked: How do you use Dropbox? We got more than 250 responses, then boiled those down to 62 unique ideas; here they are.

When a cloud service vanishes: How to protect your data

More and more, we rely on Web services as a matter of course. The key word is rely: We assume that the data we upload to, say, a photo-hosting account or blog will be there. But what happens when a service is shut down?