Don't-Miss Web & communication software Stories

Dealing with iPhone duplicates

Syncing contacts and calendars among MobileMe, iOS devices, and your Mac can be confounding. Here's some insight into dealing with duplicated calendar events.

Clearing up iPhone sync confusion

Who's to blame for your iPhone's notes appearing on Yahoo's Website? Start by looking in the mirror.

How to delete your Mac's Web browser history

This tutorial will show you how to clear your browser history in each of the most popular Web browsers for the Mac.

Mac IT Guy: sharing printers, storing e-mail

The best way to share one printer among multiple Macs and Windows PCs. Also: How to choose a POP e-mail provider.

Five essential Mail rules

Overwhelmed by e-mail? Five essential Apple Mail rules can help you take control of your inbox. Learn how Mail can automatically forward, file, and highlight special messages and even trigger an alarm when certain correspondents write.

Dad and daughter find a misplaced iPod

Two generations put their heads together to locate a lost iPod touch.

Save Facebook images in Safari

When you right-click on images on some sites--including Facebook--Safari doesn't give you a Save Image As option. Here's a way to save them anyway.

Open iOS Safari to a blank page

Tired of iOS Safari loading old pages, or popping up your bookmarks, when you just want to open a new Web page? Here's how to open Safari to a new page.

The paperless (post) office

You don't have to be a big business to have your own mailroom. Joe Kissell share his experience taking his mail paperless with Earth Class Mail.

Edit the content of a Web page in Safari

Need to print or grab a screenshot of a Web page, but don't want everything on that page to appear? There are a bunch of ways to temporarily edit or remove almost anything you see in Safari.

Compromised email? Avoid the scams

Has your name and e-mail address been exposed in the recent Epsilon attack? Here are steps you can take to protect yourself.

Gmail Tips: 10 features to try now

Hidden customization features that make your Gmail experience better.

How to use Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon's new Cloud Player service lets you store and access up to 5GB of music for free. Here's how it works.