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How to set up Find My iOS device on your iPhone and iPad

Did you know that you can find a misplaced iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad from your computer? All it takes is a little forethought and these setup instructions.

Choose the addresses Mail uses for groups

If you send messages to Address Book groups in Mail, and if some group-members have more than one e-mail address, your message may not get to the right one. Here's how to make sure your mail goes to the address you want.

How to make Gmail work well with Mail

Apple's Mail and Gmail don't get along very well, as anyone who has tried to use the latter with the former knows. They each take very different approaches to managing e-mail, but with a little configuring and planning, you can work out the kinks.

Facing the MobileMe Calendar upgrade

In May Apple will require MobileMe members to use its new CalDAV-based calendar. Here's what you can do to prepare.

Maximizing Mail: Add-ons for Mac OS X's Mail app

Mac OS X's Mail program is a solid e-mail client, but it's also got lots of unfilled potential. Check out these add-ons, plug-ins, and enhancements that help you get more out of Mail.

Twitter-to-Facebook: Hello?

Is your Twitter feed not appearing on your Facebook wall? You're not alone. One man's story of reestablishing the link between the two social networking services.

Archiving e-mail messages as text files

A reader seeks a way to easily move portions of e-mail messages into a word processing documents. Here are a variety of solutions for your consideration.

Picture-in-picture iChat presentations

How to broadcast your presentation to others via iChat.

How to create a Safari extension

If you know a little bit about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you're already well equipped to create a Safari extension. Since Apple's documentation can seem intimidating, here's a tutorial to walk you through creating your first extension, using any custom CSS or JavaScript code you write.

Five great Gmail timesavers

Here are five useful Gmail tips, including how to access multiple accounts in one browser, schedule time zone changes, and opt out of annoying e-mail conversation threads.

Mac IT Guy: Access Exchange from home

This week, readers have questions about fully integrating Macs into an Active Directory environment and troubleshooting Exchange e-mail connections from home.

Create message links with Mail proxy icons

Power users love the many uses of the proxy icon. One hints reader found clever ways to use those icons to link to specific messages in Apple Mail.

View Web-page source in external editor

It’s nice to know that OS X Hints editor emeritus Rob Griffiths still visits the site, as evidenced by his posting of this nifty hint for Firefox users.