Don't-Miss Web & communication software Stories

iSight camera not working with Flash sites

Since updating to 10.6.5 your iSight camera isn't working with Flash-based Websites. Here are a few possible solutions.

Exporting and importing Outlook 2011 messages

Outlook 2011 is less flexible about exporting e-mail than was Entourage. However, with the help of Twitter, I was able to find a way to export a selection of messages.

Update Mail bundles yourself

Whenever Apple updates Mail, users howl because their Mail add-ins break. Here's how to fix those add-ins so they work with the new version.

Outlook 2011 tips that owe a debt to Entourage

Just made the switch to Outlook 2011? Take this chance to rediscover useful Entourage tools that made the cut.

View PDFs in Chrome

When browsing PDFs online, it's nice to read them in your browser, instead of downloading and opening them in Preview or some other app. Safari reads PDFs by default; here's how to make Google Chrome do the same thing.

Make a smooth switch to Outlook 2011

Switching to Microsoft's new e-mail, contacts, and calendar program need not be traumatic, but it’s different enough that you may be disoriented at first. These tips will get you started.

Shortcuts to FaceTime

If you use Facetime to chat with friends, here are a few shortcuts that'll make doing so easier and faster.

Configuring Mail's Junk Mail settings

You say Mail isn't dealing with spam and come-ons the way it should? Perhaps it's not configured correctly. Here are steps (and additional tips) for dealing with junk in Mail.

Five fantastic Address Book tips

When you think of Apple’s most intriguing applications, it’s unlikely Address Book springs to mind. But thanks to its close ties to Apple’s Mail and iCal as well as your iOS devices, it’s actually one of the applications you use the most. These tips will help you be more productive.

Repairing Mail passwords

What to do when Mail constantly nags you for passwords.

Restart Safari plug-ins, not Safari

Sometimes Safari will hang because a plug-in (commonly Flash) is hanging. Here's a way to make Safari responsive again without completely closing it.

Bugs & Fixes: iTunes 10, mobile Safari, and iWork for iPad tips

Ted Landau offers up an assortment of bugs and fixes, ranging from iTunes 10 crashes to an issue with the mobile version of Safari to file sharing with iWork for iPad.

Seven essential privacy extensions for Firefox

They say privacy doesn't exist on the Web--but that doesn't mean you can't try to safeguard your personal information.