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When to say 'yes' to email

You want to reduce your reliance on email, but the rest of the world still wants to send you 100 messages a day. How can you decide when to use email, and when to use other methods for communication? The experts weigh in.

TechHive: What to do before your Kodak Gallery photos move to Shutterfly

Kodak Gallery customers will have their photos transferred on July 2 to a free Shutterfly account. That transition won't require much input from Kodak Gallery customers, but there are a few features you should take advantage of before there's no turning back. Our colleagues at TechHive show you how.

Make Mail Dock badge show important messages only

You can tweak Mail so the badge on its Dock icon displays the count of only those messages you really care about.

The limits of Mail's rules

To use Mail's rules effectively, it's helpful to understand their limitations and what you can do to work around them.

Make Google+ Hangouts your new meeting room

Google+ Hangouts, the company's free online video chat technology, offers a simple way for people to get together and meet, no external software required. Here's how to get started.

Manually configuring an iCloud email account

If Mail and your iCloud account don't see eye-to-eye, you may need to reconfigure it. That can be difficult unless you know the secret. Chris Breen reveals that secret.

Nine fun ways to stop summer brain drain

On the brink of the lazy days of summer, what’s a parent to do? Here are nine ways to use your Mac and iOS devices to keep your kids sharp during the summer.

Transfer email from one Mac to another

You run Mail on an iMac and laptop and you'd like the laptop to have the same messages as found on the iMac. Chris Breen shows you how to move those messages.

Five hidden Gmail tricks for power users

Whether you use Google's Gmail service at work or for personal purposes, you probably have a good handle on the basics: organizing your contacts, sending emails...

The expert's guide to Instapaper

Marco Arment's Instapaper service-and-app is a great way to save Web articles for later reading on your iPad. If you haven't tried it, here's a quick guide to getting started. And if you already use it, here are some tips for getting more out of it.

Copy events, delete Mail messages

Two quick tips--one from an OS X Hints reader for copying events from one calendaring app to another, the second from a Macworld editor for quickly deleting messages in Mail.

Automatically zoom Safari pages on launch

Find Safari web pages too difficult to read on a high-resolution display? Chris Breen offers two solutions for making the text on those pages larger.

Bugs & Fixes: When Outlook searches fail… and more

Do you find that Outlook is unable to find messages you seek? Ted Landau offers a solution to this and other issues.