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Send text, files from Mac to iOS via Messages

There are a variety of ways to send text and files from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad (and vice versa). But you might not have thought of one of the easiest: Use Messages.

Search for messages by domain in Lion

In earlier versions of Mail, you could easily search for all messages from a given domain (, for example). In Lion, such searches became a lot harder. Here's how one Hints reader does it.

When and why to use group email services

Ordinary email programs don't cut it when you need to send messages to a long list of people. Here's what web-based group email services can do for your company or organization.

Get Genius and iTunes Match to live together in harmony

While iOS 5.1 was supposed to return Genius features for iTunes Match subscribers, senior associate editor Dan Moren and staff writer Lex Friedman discovered that the process isn't without its quirks.

Dealing with spam when Mail won't cut it

Mail has a decent spam filtering feature but if you've found it not nearly effective enough, you have a couple of options. Chris Breen explains what they are.

How to convert a POP email account to IMAP

If you want to see the same email messages and folders, no matter what device you're using, you've got to have an IMAP email account. Here's how to make the switch safely.

Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshoot Messages Beta on a Mac

Ted Landau discusses some of the most significant and common problems that have cropped up thus far in the OS X Messages beta application.

How to email groups with Mail

There's no need to suffer the tedium of entering one email address after another into an outgoing message. Use the power of Address Book groups to easily send message to multiple recipients.

Archiving uncluttered web pages

A reader would like to know how to easily archive an uncluttered version of our stories. Chris Breen (and Automator) have an answer.

Missing apps, missing Safari warnings, and more

Chris Breen gets a lot of questions but those questions don't always merit a long answer. In this edition of Mac 911 he makes a dent in the mailbag by answer questions about missing iOS apps, how to restore Safari warnings, using a "PC" hard drive with a Mac, and redownloading the Lion installer.

Bugs & Fixes: When email duplication gets unruly

Ted Landau was plagued with duplicate messages in his Outlook Inbox. With a little sleuthing he discovered that the culprit, as so often happens, was sitting in front of the keyboard.

The mystery of Safari's disappearing video

You say YouTube videos play in Safari but not those from Check your plug-ins says Chris Breen

How to keep up with Macworld coverage

You can keep up with our stories in a variety of ways. Here's a list.