Don't-Miss Software Stories

How to use text substitution in Snow Leopard

Learn how to get text substitution working in many OS X applications, and how to create multi-line substitutions.

Use new Exposé features in Snow Leopard

Learn about how to use Quick Look with Exposé, and how to use Exposé with the Command-Tab application switcher

Bugs & Fixes: Ethernet-networked printers and Snow Leopard

After upgrading to Snow Leopard, Ted Landau's trusty old HP LaserJet 4000N no longer responded to Print requests from his Mac. Here's how he tackled the problem. Plus: a bonus look at the low ink level warning in OS X 10.6.

Control audio playback in Keynote presentations

Learn how to see an audio playback controller -- identical to the controller available with embedded movies -- in Keynote presentations.

Bugs & Fixes: Fixing permissions in Leopard and Snow Leopard

Ted Landau explores the art of fixing permissions in Leopard, and finds out that Snow Leopard appears to have dramatically improved the process.

Installing Snow Leopard: What you need to know

With Snow Leopard, Apple has made the process of upgrading OS X easier and more streamlined than ever. Dan Frakes explains what you need to know and how to make the upgrade work for you.

Five favorite Excel tips

There's no reason to dread your spreadsheets. Learn how to save time on common Microsoft Excel tasks with Sharon Zardetto’s favorite tips for everyday use.

Favorite Office tips

Whether you love Microsoft Office 2008 or loathe it, our writers can help you use it more productivity. Here are their favorite tips for all the Office apps.

Paste tables as graphics in iWork

Sometimes, you want to copy and paste tables as graphics--rather than live, editable tables--from Numbers into Pages. Here's how.

Eliminating a Word macro virus

Rare though they are these days, Word macro viruses are still around. Here are the steps for dealing with them.

Five favorite Word tips

When it comes to Microsoft Word, each trick you learn can add up to significant time-savings—especially if you use the program every day. Here are five of Kirk McElhearn's favorites.

Disabling Safari 4's image cache

A reader finds a folder full of Safari preview images that he'd like no part in. Here's how to keep from accumulating them.

Five favorite PowerPoint tips

Tom Negrino picks his favorite tips for the popular presentation software—complete with some new tricks added by the recently-released Office Service Pack 2.