Don't-Miss Software Stories

Bugs & Fixes: Don't worry if CoverScout stops responding

Many other software makers could learn a lesson from how Equinux handled a recent issue with its CoverScout album art finder.

Rename open files

Use a long-standing Mac OS feature to rename a file even while you're actively editing that file.

Break your addiction to PowerPoint

Do you find yourself paying more attention to your slides than to your audience? You’re not alone. Here are some tips for getting back to the basics of effective presentations.

Increment numbers in filenames in 10.5's Finder

The 10.5 Finder has an interesting feature (or is it a bug?) in how it renames copied files. Depending on how you copy the file, you can control how the copy will be named. Use one method, and you can increment numbers in filenames as you copy them.

One-stop social media

Find yourself spending more time switching between social networking Web sites than actually using them? Consider Cosmic Machine’s EventBox—a desktop program that brings your social network to you.

The no-worry backup plan

Backing up data isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition—what works for you will depend on the types of data you want to protect and, more important, how worried you are about keeping that data safe. Rob Griffiths' guidelines can help you figure out your own plan.

Remember your passwords

Want to use secure passwords, but fearful you'll get in a bind if you use ones too complicated to memorize? You'll always be able to access critical passwords if you take these steps.

Manage your passwords

Once you've committed to using strong passwords for every account you have, you have to figure out some way to remember all of them. Password managers provide the easiest—and most secure—answer.

Format Word tables to highlight your data

Take a tour of Microsoft Word's unsung table feature and learn how easy it is to make snazzy tables for your documents.

Set default duration for new iCal events

Change the default duration for new iCal events from one hour to any time period you wish -- even zero minutes.

Bugs & Fixes: Fixes for iLife problems

Ted Landau looks at solutions to a pair of potential problems Apple has identified with the iLife suite.

Bugs & Fixes: Solving Twitter problems

Ted Landau looks at a trio of problems you might have run into if you use the popular microblogging service Twitter.

Bugs & Fixes: Solving a mysterious plug-in crash

Ted Landau uses Leopard's improved crash message, the Console utility, and a little bit of luck to find out what was causing some software on his Mac to crash.