Don't-Miss Software Stories

How to make a solid Mac backup plan

We store much of our lives on our Macs and therefore we must back up those Macs. But what and how? Here are some answers.

Mac App Store stumbles over pre-owned apps

The Mac App Store has some difficulties recognizing apps you already own.

Five System Preference tweaks everyone should know

Mac OS X’s System Preferences program is the one-stop shop for customizing many aspects of your operating system. Each preference pane is labeled to give you a clear idea of what type of elements it lets you change. Many of these preference panes contain settings that can help you save time and make your computing experience better or more efficient.

Handwriting fonts resurrect a lost cursive art

Ever wanted a font that looks like your handwriting? Or a font with better handwriting than you have? Jay Nelson walks us through the options.

Five secrets of Open and Save dialog boxes

It’s easy to never go beyond the basics of Open and Save dialog boxes, despite their being perhaps the most-used feature of the Mac interface. Instead of simply working with the basics, make these dialog boxes work for you.

Tips for a tidier Mac

If you’ve spent a long winter packing your Mac with applications, files, and folders, there’s a good chance it could use a stern cleaning. These tips will help you do just that.

How I set up a new Mac

Got a new Mac? Macworld contributor Lex Friedman has a few tips and tricks on customizing your Mac to suit your needs.

Installing Snow Leopard: What you need to know

Got a copy of Snow Leopard as a holiday gift? Macworld's Dan Frakes has some tips on what to expect when you install the new operating system.

Find special characters in Pages

Sometimes, you want to find special characters like Tabs and Returns, but the program won't let you enter those characters directly in search forms. One OS X Hints reader found a way.

Original photo mosaics make great gifts

Did you ever admire those large images that were actually made up of hundreds of smaller pictures? You too can create a mosaic. Chris McVeigh walks you through the steps using his favorite mosaic software.

The art of disc printing

Planning to give a custom CD or DVD as a gift? Here are techniques you can use to spiff up the package.

Five unexpected uses for the Control key

Sure, you’ve nearly worn out your Mac’s Control key using it to open contextual menus. But did you know you can also add Control to common key combinations to access different commands?

Bugs & Fixes: iTunes 10, mobile Safari, and iWork for iPad tips

Ted Landau offers up an assortment of bugs and fixes, ranging from iTunes 10 crashes to an issue with the mobile version of Safari to file sharing with iWork for iPad.