Don't-Miss Software Stories

Five Dictionary tricks

Need a definition or synonym on the fly? Dan Frakes shares five ways to access OS X's Dictionary without even launching the program.

Technology tax deduction tips

Knowing how, when, and when not to deduct your technology expenses is key to minimizing your taxes while avoiding inquisitive IRS auditors.

Set a different background for each Space

Leopard and Snow Leopard's Spaces feature lets you configure multiple virtual workspaces; today's Hint shows you one way of configuring a different Desktop image for each workspace.

Bugs & Fixes: The mystery of the folder that wouldn't open

Ted Landau has a small problem with a folder that won't open. The fix is minor. The real mystery is what's causing it in the first place.

A collection of favorite Mac OS X Hints tips

Rob Griffiths shares a collection of older Mac OS X Hints tips that he finds useful and/or interesting. All still work in 10.5 and 10.6, too!

Customize the root shell's prompt in Terminal

Learn how to create a visually distinctive prompt when working as root in Terminal.

Rotate user images in many OS X apps

Learn how to rotate the "avatar" images used to represent a user in programs such as iChat and Address Book.

Bugs & Fixes: Adobe Reader phishing scam

Want to avoid becoming the victim of a phishing scam? Your first line of defense is usually a little common sense, Ted Landau writes.

New ways to navigate column view Finder windows in 10.6

Learn how to use new keys to move up and down a folder hierarchy in Snow Leopard without losing your currently-selected file.

Make 10.6's List Stacks look like Grid Stacks

Use a Terminal command to change the behavior of List Stacks in Snow Leopard so that they behave like Grid Stacks: Folders won't open in slide-out menus on mouseover, and instead must be opened with a click or press of the Return key.

Move cursor while paging through files

If you use the Page Up and Page Down keys to flip through files in TextEdit and other applications, learn how to also move the cursor location while doing so.

Another way to securely delete the trash in Snow Leopard

You can set up the Finder to securely empty your Mac's trash by default. But here's another, very simple way to securely empty the trash in Snow Leopard.

Release a minimized window using the application switcher

Learn how to free a minimized window from the Dock using the Command-Tab application switcher in certain circumstances.