Don't-Miss Storage Stories

Restore your old pictures with iPhoto

Return your scanned old photos to their former glory with a few easy adjustments in iPhoto.

Four smart tips for managing scanned photos

Bring order and security to your scanned printed media with these smart iPhoto management and back up strategies

Upgrading a MacBook Pro's hard drive

Laptop in one hand, replacement raw drive in the other. No, you needn't reinstall everything when you install the new hard drive.

Build your own photo booth

Liven up your parties and weddings with an easy DIY photo set-up that won't break the bank.

Identify causes of large Time Machine backups

Learn about possible sources of large Time Machine backups, and tools you can use to identify those sources.

Recover from digital photo disasters

Got a little too enthusiastic about pressing the Delete button on your camera? With a little know-how you can quickly recover lost photos and protect your digital memories.

Back up iPhoto's Faces database

If you use iPhoto's face-recognition tool, don't lose all of your hard work with one stroke of bad luck. Back up your Faces data to protect against data corruption or user error.

Put spare hard drives to work

What to do with that stack of old hard drives gathering dust? Here are three suggestions.

The no-worry backup plan

Backing up data isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition—what works for you will depend on the types of data you want to protect and, more important, how worried you are about keeping that data safe. Rob Griffiths' guidelines can help you figure out your own plan.

Change color of BBEdit and TextWrangler 'invisibles' characters

Learn how to change the color of the special characters that BBEdit and TextWrangler use to display invisible characters, such as tabs and line breaks.

Bugs & Fixes: Winning the clone wars

Making a clone backup of your startup drive is a good ideal, but it can lead to hassles if some software on your drive is unable to figure out that the startup drive and its clone are two different volumes. Ted Landau works his way through one such hassle.

Identify inserted recordable media

Learn a few ways to identify recordable media in your Super Drive, without ejecting the disc.

Formatting a flash drive

You've got a fistful of USB flash drives that you'd like to reformat and use for your own purposes. Here's how.