Don't-Miss Storage Stories

Back up multiple computers with Time Machine

If you have more than one Mac but don’t want to use a separate hard drive to back up each one, Time Machine can help.

Keep an eye on Time Machine

Learn a couple of different ways to see what Time Machine's been doing on your Mac.

Avoid file-sharing risks

File sharing helps coordinate group projects, create a central archive of files, and share media. But before you dig into the details of how to share files, consider the risks of file sharing. Glenn Fleishman does just that in this excerpt from his new ebook, Take Control of Sharing Files in Leopard; he also looks at what actions you can take to avoid such risks.

Easy online backups

You know you should back up your data. But whether it’s the cost, the setup, or the hassle of swapping discs or shuttling around hard drives, most of us find a million excuses not to get the job done. So wouldn’t it be great if you could click on a few buttons and ensure that your data was backed up regularly?

How to: Upgrade a G5's optical drive

How to upgrade the optical drive on a first-generation Power Mac G5, and what kind of results you can expect after the upgrade.

Mac 911 - Oct. 2007

Christopher Breen answers reader questions about blurry iMovie stills, nonprinting printers, syncing select contacts, and iMovie chapters as iDVD clips.

Laptop gems

Here are some favorite pieces of low-cost software specifically designed for—or just especially handy for—use on a laptop.

Mac 911 - Sept. 2007

Christopher Breen troubleshoots reader problems with converting unprotected DVDs, diagnosing the Apple TV, iSight alternatives and AirDisk and Apple’s Backup.

RAIDing the Mac Pro

The Mac Pro and the previous top-of-the-line desktop Mac, the Power Mac G5, may look alike on the outside—cheese-grater exterior, huge brushed-aluminum handles, and USB and FireWire ports up front—but inside, they’re entirely different beasts.

Upgrading Apple TV's hard drive

Dan Frakes decided that 40GB wasn't enough space, so he upgraded his Apple TV's hard drive -- and documented the process so you can, too.

Backup storage options

When you don’t back up your data, you choose to live life on the edge. But what sort of media should you use for storing your backups? You have numerous options, depending on your needs, preferences, and budget.

Mac 911 - March 2007

Christopher Breen offers up tips on how to sync your Address Book without .Mac, find missing iPhoto pictures, fix fonts in TextEdit and run Windows safely.

Build a backup server with Apple’s Backup utility

Interested in turning your old Mac into a backup server? There are a number of programs that are up to the task. But if you spring for a .Mac account every year, why not take advantage of Apple’s Backup software?

Resize partitions on-the-fly

Geek Factor

Backing it up

It’s sad, but true. Few Mac users create backups of any sort, and fewer still have thorough, automated backups. There is no complete and final answer to everyone’s backup needs, but that fact shouldn’t become a reason to put off implementing a backup strategy. The key to making it happen is identifying your needs.