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Backup storage options

When you don’t back up your data, you choose to live life on the edge. But what sort of media should you use for storing your backups? You have numerous options, depending on your needs, preferences, and budget.

Mac 911 - March 2007

Christopher Breen offers up tips on how to sync your Address Book without .Mac, find missing iPhoto pictures, fix fonts in TextEdit and run Windows safely.

Build a backup server with Apple’s Backup utility

Interested in turning your old Mac into a backup server? There are a number of programs that are up to the task. But if you spring for a .Mac account every year, why not take advantage of Apple’s Backup software?

Resize partitions on-the-fly

Geek Factor

Backing it up

It’s sad, but true. Few Mac users create backups of any sort, and fewer still have thorough, automated backups. There is no complete and final answer to everyone’s backup needs, but that fact shouldn’t become a reason to put off implementing a backup strategy. The key to making it happen is identifying your needs.

Easy Mac backups

If your computer is stolen, damaged, or incapacitated, you can always repair or replace the hardware and software. But what about your data? Without good backups, you could lose your hard work and precious records forever.

Back up photos on the road

There’s no point in lugging along a laptop on your vacation just so you can archive or organize your digital pictures. A laptop not only adds weight and heft, but is also vulnerable to theft and damage. Luckily, you have other options. Our recommendations will help ensure that all your photos come home safely with you.

Take Control of Syncing in Tiger

Tiger puts a lot of power and intelligence behind its syncing services, but it doesn't offer syncing support to meet all contingencies. When Tiger falls short, you have to jump off the Apple mothership and board a third-party craft. In this excerpt from "Take Control of Syncing in Tiger," Michael Cohen offers all sorts of reasons why you might want to, ahem, sync different.

Mobile backup tips

Sure, you back up your Mac laptop at home or at the office. But what about when you hit the road? If the answer is “no,” you’re only asking for trouble. After all, a hard-drive failure could happen just as easily when you’re traveling. Here are some backup tips geared toward on-the-go users.

Keeping your Macs in sync

Anyone with more than one Mac can appreciate the convenience of having the same set of contacts, calendar events, and e-mail accounts on the two machines. Unfortunately, setting this up isn’t always easy.

Mac 911

Chris Breen offers help on ways to Shrink slide shows for TV, change Mail subjects, resurrect Sherlock, flush bad addresses and much more in this month’s edition of Mac 911.

Mac 911

Christopher Breen is on the case with tips on how to protect DVD media, clone your iPod contents, and simplify Spotlight searches. Also, after a few weeks out and about, he’s got suggestions on gear no Mac user should be without on the road.

Mac OS X Hints

Rob Griffiths shows you how to cycle your dekstop images, use a keyboard shortcut to activate the desktop from any Finder window, and animate Keynote slides with Quartz Composer.