Don't-Miss Storage Stories

Bulletproof backups: When you absolutely can't lose any data

Disaster does strike. Are you ready to go beyond the basics to prepare? Joe Kissell shows how to build a better backup strategy for your data.

Backup basics: The quick, something-is-better-than-nothing backup system

Reluctant to start backing up your Mac because it seems like too much of a hassle? Here's a 10-minute plan for protecting your most important files.

Directly downloading Dropbox files

Prefer to directly download a file linked from Dropbox rather than preview it in your browser? Five simple characters gets the job done.

What do hard drive-related words like SATA, IDE, and RAID actually mean?

Brainout asked the Hard Drives, NAS Drives, Storage forum to explain some of the words used to describe hard drives and storage.


TechHive: Control the keys to your cloud-storage castle

Cloud-based storage and synchronization services, like Dropbox and Apple's iCloud, offer convenience for those of us who are on the go, and need (or want) access to our data no matter where we are. But as useful as these types of services are, they introduce significant risks for data you store there. Here's what you should know about how cloud storage services keep your data safe, and some ways to make sure that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Storing files on your camera card

You say you're in desperate need of external store but have only your MacBook and a digital camera? Where there's a will, there's a way.

Beyond .zip: Secrets of the Archive Utility

What do you do if a file won't expand or someone sends you a strange type of archive? Here are answers to frequently asked questions about working with compressed files in Mac OS X.

Automatically encrypt files for your Google Drive

You now have the ability to share files with others via Google Drive. If you're a little concerned about Google having your files, here's a simple way to encrypt and upload them.

Automator workflow of the month: Clear the iPod photo cache

If your Mac's storage space is dwindling for no apparent reason, a hidden iPod Photo cache folder may be the culprit. Use Automator to keep it trim.

Partition your hard drive with data still on it

There's no need to completely wipe the data from your drive when you want to partition that drive. Chris Breen shows you how.

New year's resolution: A backup plan

Make a New Year's resolution you can keep: Start backing up your Mac. And we're going to make it as easy as possible.

Know your last-minute holiday shopping deadlines

Still have some holiday shopping to do? Don’t delay -- online ordering deadlines are quickly approaching if you want your gifts delivered before 2012.

Buying guide: External desktop hard drives

Mac's hard drive near capacity? Time to add more storage. Here's our guide to help you buy a new external desktop hard drive.