Don't-Miss Storage Stories

Treat a misbehaving Time Capsule

Time Capsule is on the blink? Joe Kissell will show you how to fix it.

The unbootable Mac mini

Why would a perfectly good Mac mini suddenly refuse to boot? Dan Frakes takes you through the torturous path to the solution, which ended up being obvious in retrospect.

Add an ExpressCard solid state drive to some MacBook Pros

Rob Griffiths talks about his experiences adding an ExpressCard solid state drive (SSD) to his 15-inch MacBook Pro, and then using it as the system boot drive. Learn how well it works, what to watch out for, and the benefits and risks of making the move.

How to upgrade your Mac's hard drive

On some Mac models, upgrading the hard drive is easy. On other, it isn't. Kyle Wiens explains how to swap in new drives on most recent Macs.

Troubleshoot an ailing hard drive

Do your applications quit without warning? Is your Mac stalling during start-up? Are you finding unusual numbers of corrupted files? You may have a faulty hard drive. Joe Kissel explains how to diagnose and fix the problem.

Backup buying guide

Back up your data regularly—it's something you know you're supposed to do, but only until recently have many users start to take it seriously, thanks to OS X's Time Machine backup utility, which comes with the operating system.

What to look for in an external hard drive

When it comes to safeguarding your data, external hard drives are the way to go. In this excerpt from Take Control of Mac OS X Backups, Joe Kissell explains why and shows you what to consider when shopping for an external hard drive.

Blu-ray buying guide

It may have beaten out HD-DVD in the bloody battle to be the high definition optical drive standard, but in the roughly year and a half since the format wars ended, Blu-ray DVD has yet to gain any real traction in the desktop computer realm. That should change in the near future.

DVD burners buying guide

If you have a Mac with a Combo drive (CD burner that can read but not write to DVD) or a single-layer DVD burner, buying an external DVD drive is an affordable and attractive upgrade.

Buy the right SD card for your camera

That new camera won't be much use without a capacious memory card to store photos to videos on. But all SD cards aren't the same. Make sure you're getting the right card for the way you shoot.

"Locking" an external hard drive

You say you have an external hard drive that you'd like to protect from prying eyes? Here are three solutions.

Five reasons to partition a disk

Apple's Disk Utility makes it easy to split a hard drive up into multiple parts called partitions. But why would you ever bother? Joe Kissell shows you five things partitioning a disk allows you to do.

Four ways to access files from afar

If you work in lots of locations, you may find yourself wishing you could access your files from everywhere. Here are four ways to do just that.