Don't-Miss Tablet accessory Stories

Make your old dock speakers work with newer devices

Changes to Apple's 30-pin dock connector have left many older docking speaker systems less than fully functional when used with iPhones, iPads, and the latest iPods. And some don't fit the latest models. But before you go out and buy new speakers, check out these tips for extending the life of your current system.

Five great iPad apps for iPhone photographers

There are a number of popular iPhone photo-editing apps that have been released for the iPad. These apps will give you plenty of ways to edit, tweak, and stylize your photos directly on the iPad.

A photographer's workflow for the iPad

With a Camera Connection Kit and this easy workflow, photographers can move images between their camera, iPad, and Mac.

Avoid iPad lockouts when using Bluetooth keyboards

If you're using a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad, and you've assigned a security passcode, you could end up locking out yourself accidentally.

First Look: iPad Camera Connection Kit

Pre-ordered iPad Camera Connection Kits are finally arriving, and photographers are getting answers to some of their lingering iPad questions. Find out if this pair of connectors can make the iPad a killer device for photographers.

iPad Camera Connection Kit connects other things, too

Apple's iPad Camera Connector Kit found its way into our hands, and we've confirmed that it can be used for several tasks beyond just connecting your camera.