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The Week in iOS Accessories: Protect your new iPad Pro

This week's roundup includes at least one new accessory for Apple's latest product: The 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

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Podcast 501: The FBI says never mind

What. Just. Happened. Security expert Jonathan Zdziarski helps us process this strange turn of events in the Apple-FBI case.

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Apple releases new Safari Technology Preview for web developers

The new developer version of Safari comes with iCloud support and feedback integration.


Amazon bans shoddy, dangerous USB-C cables

Amazon now forbids USB-C cables that aren't standards compliant and pose a potential risk to your devices and chargers.

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12 Apple TV games worth buying a gamepad for

Itching for a real controller? Here are some fine games that might sway your decision.

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5 of the best Google apps for iOS, and how to use them

Not all Google geeks use Android. Bring popular productivity tools to your iPhone or iPad with these native versions of your favorite apps.

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Court vacates iPhone hack order against Apple, focus shifts to New York

A judge in California vacated on Tuesday an earlier order asking Apple to assist the FBI in cracking the passcode of an iPhone 5c running iOS 9 that was used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists.

Get to know Liam, Apple’s iPhone disassembling robot

Apple gets serious about recycling with Liam, a 29-armed robot designed to take your iPhone apart precisely in 11 seconds.

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Instagram expands to 60-second videos, verging into YouTube territory

The popular photo-sharing app aims to become a hub for longer video.


SoundCloud launches a music-subscription service for Android and iOS devices

The new SoundCloud Go is reminiscent of what Spotify and Tidal offer, though the company's music offerings are vastly limited in comparison.

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Facebook may use Messenger to push into retail payments

Facebook is pushing the concept of Messenger as a platform, with possible new features including retail in-store payments.

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FBI hack may raise questions about iPhone security

The FBI hack of an iPhone 5c running iOS 9 may have left the device just a little bit insecure in the eyes of some users, as the agency has not provided details of how it was able to access data on the phone used by the San Bernardino terrorist.

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The iMac G4: Apple at its best

They just don't make 'em like they used to.

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DOJ cracks San Bernardino shooter's iPhone

The U.S. Government has managed to access the iPhone used by San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook, bypassing a passcode that had the Federal Bureau of Investigation stymied for several weeks.

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The Week in iPad Cases: Cases for the iPad Pro, both large and small

This week's roundup of new iPad cases brings you cool gear to keep your new 9.7-inch iPad Pro safe—right out of the box.


Apple developing new batteries to improve energy capacity in devices

Apple can't yet boast of significantly longer battery life in devices, but the company is looking to change that.