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Malware infects Macs through Microsoft Office vulnerability

Security researchers have encountered new email-based targeted attacks that exploit a vulnerability in Microsoft Office to install a remote access Trojan horse on Macs.

Mobile credit card readers grow, with iOS as foundation

There's a growing market for iPhone- and iPad-based card-swiping systems, like those offered by Square. PayPal recently announced that it's launching its own card reader and app for iOS; it joins a sector that also includes big players like VeriFone’s Payware and Intuit’s GoPayment. We survey the field.

Microsoft : OnLive, cloud provider of Windows and Office, is improperly licensed

Microsoft says that OnLive, a company that recently began offering hosted Windows and Office software remotely from its servers to iPad and Android tablet users, is in violation of the software giant's licensing rules.

Apple to shut down

Apple announced on Friday that it's shutting down the public beta.

Quicken 2007 and Lion will play nice for $15

If you've been waiting to make the jump to OS X Lion or Mountain Lion because of incompatible finance software, Thursday may be your lucky day: Intuit has released a new, Intel-compatible version of Quicken 2007.

Summary: New iPad, new Apple TV, new iPhoto app, and more

At its press event Wednesday, Apple took the wraps off the next version of the iPad, which is slated to ship on March 16. The company also announced a new Apple TV, iPhoto for iOS, updates to GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork for iOS, and more.

Square Register turns an iPad into a cash register

For more than a year, Square has been on the leading edge of a revolution in commerce with its app that lets merchants use iOS devices as credit card readers. On Monday, it expanded its efforts with a new app, Square Register, that turns an iPad into a fully-functioning cash register.

Remains of the Day: Fishy business

Microsoft dips its toes in the *coy* pond over a supposed iOS version of Office, a roundup of uninteresting iPad 3 rumors flounders, and Apple may be swimming upstream in its Chinese trademark case.

Less than perfect apps

At Macworld | iWorld, a panel of experts looks at their favorite apps, focusing on ways they're flawed and how those flaws could be fixed.

Expo Notes: Office 2 HD for iPad takes aim at Pages

Office 2 HD's developers say that the app offers the best document editing on the iPad, second only to Pages. But the company still thinks its own app is the better choice.

Macworld | iWorld: It's about business, too

It's not all art, music, and fun at this week's Macworld | iWorld exposition: Vendors are releasing business apps for the Mac and iPad, too.

WatchDox adds annotation to its secure document reading app

WatchDox’s secure document reading and sharing iOS offering now includes new collaboration features for enterprise users.

Adobe plugs six critical holes in Reader

Adobe on Tuesday patched six vulnerabilities in the newest version of its popular Reader PDF viewer, making good on a late-2011 promise when it shipped an emergency update for an older edition.