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Our Editors' Choice Award winners

Earlier this week, Macworld unveiled the winners of its 27th annual Editors' Choice Awards. In this podcast, we explain the reasoning behind some of our Eddy selections.

PhoneFactor delivers iOS app for authentication

PhoneFactor, an authentication system that uses mobile phones as a second factor for improved security, is now available as an app for Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Remains of the Day: Word to your (iPad-using) mother

Microsoft Office may be bound for the iPad, Apple's painted a bull's-eye on Target, and Consumer Reports says that the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire are the best tablets that aren't the iPad.

Polycom brings video meetings to iPads, Android tablets

On Tuesday at the CTIA Enterprise & Applications trade show in San Diego, Polycom introduced its RealPresence Mobile software, which extends its RealPresence videoconferencing system to the three high-profile tablets, including the iPad.

Jaspersoft adds Apple iPad toolkit

Open-source BI (business intelligence) vendor Jaspersoft is joining the ranks of companies adding support for Apple's wildly popular iPad.

Introducing Macworld's new creative, business, and digital photo newsletters

Macworld has Introduced three additional newsletters, targeted at creative, business, and digital photography enthusiasts.

First Look: QuickBooks for Mac 2012

QuickBooks for Mac 2012 won't ship until later this month. But Jeffery Battersby has gotten the chance to spend a little time with the updated accounting application and weighs in with some first impressions of QuickBooks’s changes and enhancements.

Intuit unveils QuickBooks update with focus on time-savers

Intuit announced QuickBooks for Mac 2012 on Wednesday, promising more than 50 features and enhancements for the update accounting program when it ships later this month.

Syncplicity expands its cloud storage to the iPad

Cloud-storage provider Syncplicity has revamped its iOS app, expanding the offering into an iPad-friendly hybrid version that will let users access their documents from just about any device they own.

Adobe CreatePDF comes to iOS devices

Adobe, the company responsible for bringing PDFs to the desktop computing masses, has launched an app that lets users create documents in the format on their iOS device.

Remains of the Day: Talking smack

Michael Dell and HP go head-to-head on the PC industry, Lenovo throws down the gauntlet in the tablet space, and it's The People vs. Apple on censorship.

Manage your money in Lion -- without Quicken

Quicken, Intuit’s deprecated but still ubiquitous personal finance management application, no longer works on Macs running Lion. How do you manage your personal finances if Quicken won’t work? Fortunately there are several alternatives to help you keep tabs on your cash flow.

Microsoft confirms Auto Save, Versions due for Office 2011

A forthcoming update for Office 2011 will support Lion's Auto Save, Versions, and full-screen features, but it's still a few months away from release.

Microsoft spells out Office for Mac bugs in Lion

Microsoft last week confirmed that customers running Office for Mac will experience problems with the suite on Apple's new Lion operating system.

Dragon Dictate adds full support for Word 2011, mobile mic app

Users of the Mac speech recognition program will now be able to talk and type in Word 2011 documents with the update to Dragon Dictate released Monday. Version 2.5 of the application also adds support for Dragon Remote Microphone, an iOS app that turns your phone into a wireless microphone.