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Experts: AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile may not be dead yet

AT&T still has options after the U.S. DOJ filed a lawsuit in opposition to the company's planned acquisition of T-Mobile USA.

U.S. DOJ sues to block AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile

The U.S. DOJ blocks AT&T's proposed acquisition of T-Mobile with an antitrust suit filed in federal court.

The iPad takes on manufacturing

First it won accolades as the next killer consumer device. Then it slipped into the backpacks and briefcases of white-collar information workers, and now it's taking on manufacturing.

United puts iPads in cockpits for 'paperless flight deck'

United Airlines is joining the "paperless flight deck" revolution, announcing Tuesday that it is distributing 11,000 iPads to United and Continental pilots to replace bulky paper navigation charts in the cockpit.

Where does Apple fit in the world of big business?

Apple's products have gained some traction in the enterprise realm, but even with its increased popularity it still has a long way to go.

Remains of the Day: Prior convictions

The big GOOG joins the battle against Lodsys, the demise of webOS devices was just as surprising to many inside HP as outside, and one Australian politician wants Apple to lower its prices.

Google beefs up admin console for free Apps version

Google has strengthened the IT administration capabilities of the free, standard version of its Apps hosted communication and collaboration suite, the company said Friday.

VisualHub will receive official Lion update

Discontinued video-conversion software VisualHub will receive an update for Lion compatibility from developer Techspansion. Software vendor Kagi, who earlier this week provided a paid but unsanctioned update, will discontinue its own product.

Remains of the Day: Put it on my TabCo

Steve Jobs's biography is coming, and it's got way fewer moving pieces than an old MacBook prototype. Plus, the company behind the mysterious TabCo viral campaign is unmasked, and it's the most disappointing reveal since The Phantom Menace.

Remains of the Day: Droning on

Wild patents are attacking Google; film at 11! The magic mouse is doomed... or is it? And when there's no news, just reprint old rumors with a slight tweak. Plus, who gave a news mogul an unmanned drone?

Google+: Five legal issues for businesses

As Google+ grows in popularity--already the service boasts more than 20 million users--the new social network is triggering a number of questions with legal implications.

Manage your money in Lion -- without Quicken

Quicken, Intuit’s deprecated but still ubiquitous personal finance management application, no longer works on Macs running Lion. How do you manage your personal finances if Quicken won’t work? Fortunately there are several alternatives to help you keep tabs on your cash flow.

GE pushes ahead with 500GB holographic disc storage

GE is about to begin distribution of holographic optical disc technology and plans to license it to manufacturing partners in the next few months.