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Google beefs up admin console for free Apps version

Google has strengthened the IT administration capabilities of the free, standard version of its Apps hosted communication and collaboration suite, the company said Friday.

VisualHub will receive official Lion update

Discontinued video-conversion software VisualHub will receive an update for Lion compatibility from developer Techspansion. Software vendor Kagi, who earlier this week provided a paid but unsanctioned update, will discontinue its own product.

Remains of the Day: Put it on my TabCo

Steve Jobs's biography is coming, and it's got way fewer moving pieces than an old MacBook prototype. Plus, the company behind the mysterious TabCo viral campaign is unmasked, and it's the most disappointing reveal since The Phantom Menace.

Remains of the Day: Droning on

Wild patents are attacking Google; film at 11! The magic mouse is doomed... or is it? And when there's no news, just reprint old rumors with a slight tweak. Plus, who gave a news mogul an unmanned drone?

Google+: Five legal issues for businesses

As Google+ grows in popularity--already the service boasts more than 20 million users--the new social network is triggering a number of questions with legal implications.

Manage your money in Lion -- without Quicken

Quicken, Intuit’s deprecated but still ubiquitous personal finance management application, no longer works on Macs running Lion. How do you manage your personal finances if Quicken won’t work? Fortunately there are several alternatives to help you keep tabs on your cash flow.

GE pushes ahead with 500GB holographic disc storage

GE is about to begin distribution of holographic optical disc technology and plans to license it to manufacturing partners in the next few months.

Remains of the Day: Cash on the iBarrel

Apple’s finances hit another surprising milestone, but don’t expect the company to go on a shopping spree. Plus, Apple’s devices take flight and Verizon reportedly tries its hand at bending Apple to its will. Good luck with that.

Lab tests: Build-to-order Core i7 MacBook Airs

With the performance reports of the new standard-configuration MacBook Airs already posted, the Macworld Lab has turned its attention to benchmarking some optional, build-to-order (BTO) configurations of Apple’s latest line of ultra-portable computers.

Under the Gavel: Contains graphic content

Our round-up of legal wrangling in the tech industry returns, with a look at two Apple-related patent cases and an impassioned plea against another big merger.

Core i5 MacBook Airs zoom past predecessors

Macworld Lab has received and benchmarked every standard configuration of the new Core i5 MacBook Airs released last week. We’ve found that the new processors push the Airs to new performance heights.

Microsoft spells out Office for Mac bugs in Lion

Microsoft last week confirmed that customers running Office for Mac will experience problems with the suite on Apple's new Lion operating system.

More Thunderbolt speed results

In our ongoing look at Thunderbolt performance, we tested two more configurations, as requested by Macworld readers. The first involves the new Promise Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt array configured as a RAID 0; the second is with Target Disk Mode using Thunderbolt.