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Lab Report: New build-to-order iMacs impress with speed

When Apple released new iMacs in early May, the company also made available new build-to-order options in addition to the standard-configuration models. Macworld Lab tested two iMacs with BTO processor upgrades that offer faster speeds and more processing power, and the result show that the additional cost for the upgrades are worth it -- if you run software that takes advantage of the technology.

Analysts: ARM not ready for Apple's MacBooks

Apple's possible move from Intel x86 chips to ARM processors for its MacBooks is feasible, but not practical over the next few years because of technical and performance issues, according to analysts.

Omni Group releases OmniOutliner for iPad

First teased at Macworld Expo 2011, OmniOutliner for iPad, a modern mobile companion to its older Mac sibling, is now available in the App Store.

Consumer SSD sales to break out in 2012

Consumer solid-state drives will have a break-out year in 2012 due to falling prices, which will make SSDs a primary storage option for mainstream users, Gartner...

Intel to bring 3D transistors to next-generation chips

Intel has advanced its chip manufacturing technology with three-dimensional transistors that could make PCs, smartphones and tablets faster and more...

Zoho Meeting gains Mac support

Zoho, maker of a wide variety of online productivity and collaboration apps, has announced full Mac support in Zoho Meeting, its service for running online meetings, screensharing, and remote support sessions.

Seagate breaks 1TB per platter barrier

Seagate said it has broken a previous areal density benchmark with a drive line that can hold up to 1TB of data per platter.

Oracle adds iPhone support to BI, analytics software

Oracle has introduced support for Apple's iPad and iPhone as part of a slew of enhancements to its business intelligence software.

Appigo announces Todo for Mac, launches Cloud Sync

Appigo has announced a Mac companion to its popular task management apps for iPhone and iPad. It's also released Cloud Sync, a service for keeping your projects and to-dos on the same page for all your devices.

Researchers use disk fragmentation to hide data

Researchers from two universities have developed an algorithm that uses disk fragmentation to hide data on a clustered file system.

Google crushes, shreds old hard drives to prevent data leakage

A new look into Google's data centers shows extensive security measures and the destruction of old hard drives to prevent leakage of customer data.

Mail Designer lets you get creative with stationery

You have long been able to purchase various add-on packs of stationery for Mail. Now, Equinux has a powerful tool that enables you to customize or create your own.

Microsoft updates OneNote Mobile for iPhone

The Redmond software giant has released its first major update to OneNote Mobile, its iOS client for creating notes and syncing with Web and Windows counterparts.

Crucial launches m4 solid-state drives

Lexar Media has announced the availability of the Crucial m4 SSD range, which boasts write speeds up to 20 percent faster than its predecessor.

Unsocial iOS app connects business professionals

Unsocial, a new iPhone app, aims to help business professionals network by alerting them to other nearby users with shared interests.