Don't-Miss Business Stories

Unique presentation app Idea Flight lands on the iPad

Conde Nast has launched Idea Flight, an iPad app designed for meetings that allows all the users to view a presentation on their iPads.

Apple will replace faulty MacBook bottom cases

Apple has launched a MacBook Bottom Case Replacement Program to swap out faulty bottom cases of some recent MacBooks.

Seven Mac Gems for a steal

Mac software bundles are nothing new, but one particular bundle, which ends today, offers eight quality Gems for the price of one.

University's new SSDs boost video production speeds by 16X

When Brigham Young University-Hawaii's digital media lab needed to turbo-charge its high-def video processing system, it plopped a solid state drive into its MacBook Pro laptop. It chose the latter and its drive performance immediately improved by 16 times, which allows the lab to process the 4K video resolution being recorded by its cutting-edge, $25,000 Red One video camera.

Mac Defender: Pay attention but don't panic

Mac Defender doesn't mark the beginning of the Mac Malware Apocalypse. But Mac users should still pay attention and be prepared to change their computing habits.

Square iPad app makes cash registers history

Tech startup Square says that it's working to turn the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices into portable payment systems.

iPad corporate security gets boost from GroupLogic

Businesses can now grant iPads safe remote access to files using new software designed to meet enterprise management and security concerns.

Hosted service creates enterprise 'store' for Android, iOS apps

A hosted service lets IT groups create a centrally managed online "store" for all mobile apps, whether internally written or residing on the Android Market or Apple's App Store.

Analysis: More than patent issues riding on Lodsys dispute

Lodsys's actions against iOS developers have rippled throughout the entire Apple ecosystem, and could have significant repercussions that go well beyond the dispute brought forth by a single patent holder.

Apple Retail Stores tenth anniversary

On May 19, 2001, Apple introduced its first Apple Store. The store opening wasn’t any ordinary event; in typical Apple fashion, the company took the conventional wisdom, threw it out the window, and created its own rules. A decade later, the Apple Store is the envy of the retailing world. Macworld has a series of articles to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Apple Store.

Thoughts on the Apple Retail Store

In this episode of the Macworld podcast, host Roman Loyola talks to Gary Allen of about the time before the Apple Store, the evolution of Apple Retail, and what makes the stores so popular.

A tale of two Apple Stores (the first two)

On May 19, 2001, Apple opened its first two retails stores in McLean, Virginia, and Glendale, California. Benj Edwards takes a look back at the events of that day, and how it set the tone for Apple's foray into retail.

Independent Mac retailers step out from the Apple Store shadow

Ten years after Apple opened its first retail store, the landscape has shifted radically for independent Mac stores. Joel Mathis talks to indie store owners who have managed to stay in business, and discovers the keys to their success.