Don't-Miss Camcorder Stories

FlipShare not dead yet (but it soon will be)

FlipShare, the video-sharing service that accompanied Cisco's Flip pocket camcorders, will finally close its doors at the end of 2013.

Sony alters point of view with new-concept video cameras

The new Action Cam, Music Video Recorder, and 4K Ultra HD camcorders redefine consumer videocams from a different angle


Canon confronts smartphones with the itty-bitty Vixia mini camcorder

Canon unveils the diminutive Vixia mini compact personal camcorder to compete with smartphone video cameras.


Phantom flying drone captures stunning, stable video

A new stabilization system for the Phantom remote-controlled flying drone helps it capture stunning landscapes and maneuver in tight spaces.

Pocket Cinema Camera offers film look for less than $1000

The $995 Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera will let content producers get the sort of cinematic look that usually comes from higher-priced equipment.

Canon 35mm CMOS sensor

Canon develops CMOS sensor that captures video in low light

Camera manufacturer Canon has developed a large sensor chip for shooting full-frame video in extremely dim conditions.


Sony's new camcorders get steadier, and standard-def models are dead

Sony's new camcorders get steadier; some are able to be used as a pass-through projections for HDMI connected devices.


Samsung's new compact cameras have Wi-Fi by default

If you buy a Samsung point-and-shoot camera from here on in, it's likely to have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.


Next-gen camera trends just came into focus

Bigger sensors, wireless sharing, and downloadable apps are among the big camera innovations we've seen in the past few months.


Introducing Macworld's iPhone Photography Superguide

Thanks to the iPhone, many more of us have a camera in our pocket. But, like any art, perfect photography takes time. That's why we put together Macworld's iPhone Photography Superguide, our attempt to help you glide through the rough patches and onto photographic stardom.

First Look: Ion's Air Pro Wi-Fi action camcorder moves into wireless social networking world

Ion's Air Pro Wi-Fi offers a lot of extras, including the ability to wirelessly view and offload images and videos via Wi-Fi, great mounting hardware, fast battery charging using the wall-power USB charger, four wall-plug adapters to let you recharge in most countries, and 8GB of free storage in the cloud. Bryan Hastings takes a first look.

Ion launches Air Pro line of HD sports camcorders with a social networking option

Tiny, wearable sports camcorders compete with Contour and GoPro and will soon offer instant online sharing.

Blackmagic launches Cinema Camera

Features include 13 stops of dynamic range, a high-resolution 2.5K sensor, and a built-in high bandwidth SSD recorder.

Hands on with the Bloggie Live Wi-Fi camcorder

Camcorder expert Bryan Hastings took the Bloggie Live out for a spin and gives us the lowdown on its Wi-Fi features.

New Canon camcorders target the social network crowd

Canon's new crop of consumer cams feature a newly designed HD CMOS image sensor to boost resolution, low-light performance, and dynamic range.