Don't-Miss Component Stories

Nvidia's laptop graphics cards to boost Web browsing

Nvidia on Friday announced seven new GeForce 400M series laptop graphics cards, which could help accelerate Web surfing and 3D image rendering.

Intel ups speed with two new desktop processors

Intel introduced Core i3 and Pentium desktop processors running at 3.33GHz.

Intel's upcoming laptop chips will play Blu-ray 3D

Intel's next-generation laptop chips will have a dozen new features to improve graphics performance and the capability to play back Blu-ray 3D movies.

Remains of the Day: HTC strikes back

Apple may have had an ulterior motive in the deal it struck with the Liquidmetal folks; HTC has struck back at Apple’s patent infringement suits; and the EFF thinks Steve Jobs is a cackling, diabolical mastermind. The bad kind.

Inside Snow Leopard Graphics Update's surprising gains

In typical Apple fashion, the Snow Leopard Graphics Update earlier this week was light on details. Macworld discovered that if you game on a recent Mac, this update is anything but light.

Dual-core smartphones on the horizon

Smartphones with dual-core chips could allow for faster application performance and 1080p video playback.

Apple replacing faulty first-gen nanos in Japan

Apple's Japan branch has said it will be issuing replacement units to those iPod nano owners affected by faulty batteries.

iSuppli warns of looming DRAM shortage

Market researcher iSuppli warned Monday of the risks for a looming shortage of DRAM, the main memory used in personal computers.

12-core Mac Pro configuration now on sale

Apple on Monday updated its online store to add a third base configuration to its recently revamped Mac Pro line, this one with 12 cores of processing power.

FTC settles antitrust complaint against Intel

Intel settled an antitrust agreement with the Federal Trade Commission.

Intel has its eye on iPhone, smartphone market

Reports are circulating that Intel is in talks to buy Infineon's wireless chip unit, which could be a boost to Intel's efforts to gain footing the smartphone market.

Apple unveils new iMac, including quad-core model

Apple on Tuesday updated its iMac line, sporting new processors up to a quad-core and more powerful graphics chips.

Remains of the Day: If you can't beat 'em, bribe 'em

Remember those free Windows Phone 7 devices Microsoft employees were getting? Yeah, turns out there’s a catch. Also, Samsung tries to capitalize on annoyed iPhone 4 users and LG steps up and takes some blame.