Don't-Miss Component Stories

Intel may settle FTC antitrust complaint

Intel and the FTC asked to suspend trial proceedings while they consider a settlement.

Intel's Westmere-EX to include more cores

Intel's Westmere-EX chip will be able to run 20 cores inside a CPU, according to the Hot Chips conference agenda.

Remains of the Day: iPhone rumors never say die

The iPhone is packed full of RAM, Oprah’s got a surprise for her staffers, and you can now carry the soothing tones of Steve Jobs in your pocket—as if you didn’t already.

See the new Mac mini's insides

As per usual, the team at iFixit has set about disassembling Apple's newest product, the Mac mini, with a modicum of glee.

OpenCL 1.1 ratified by The Khronos Group

The Khronos Group has ratified OpenCL 1.1, a programming standard that enables parallel execution of tasks across multicore processors.

What's in a smartphone processor? Increasingly a lot

Over the past few years, many processor chips have moved far beyond the traditional functions of plain old central processing units and are now responsible for an array of functions including power saving, system memory and video processing.

Intel readies Atom platform for tablets

Intel plans to release a version of its Atom processor early next year that's designed for tablet computers.

Intel cancels Larrabee, plans future uses for its features

Intel said it will bring elements from the Larrabee graphics processor inside CPUs, a day after announcing the chip's demise.

Apple bumps MacBook processor, graphics

Apple very quietly updated its white polycarbonate MacBook on Tuesday, adding a faster processor, better battery life, and a new graphics chip.

Remains of the Day: Facebook watches, Letterman switches

Take a deep delve into the privacy issues surrounding Facebook, learn how to see which graphics card your MacBook Pro is using, and guess which feature didn't make the cut for the Web version of Microsoft Office?

Intel's Otellini: Netbook market on the rise

Intel CEO Paul Otellini said netbooks are on the rise as consumers purchase the device as a primary PC.

Intel to exceed eight cores with Nehalem-EX successor

Intel plans to next year release the successor to its recently released eigh-core server chip.

Apple buys up another chip maker

Apple has bought yet another chip developer -- this time, an Austin, Texas-based company that helped design the CPU inside the iPad.

Apple makes hardware video decoding available to developers

Apple has finally made hardware-accelerated video decoding available to third-party developers—including Adobe Flash.

ARM denies imminent Apple takeover

The chief executive of ARM has denied that Apple plans to buy the company.