Don't-Miss Component Stories

Intel runs PC on CPU powered by solar cell

Intel on Thursday showed an experimental low-power processor the size of a postage stamp that could run PCs on solar power.

Apple suppliers accused of environmental damage

Environmental groups in China criticized Apple on Wednesday, alleging that it is employing suppliers that are damaging the environment and threatening the lives of residents

Apple issues updates for Boot Camp, iMac graphics firmware

Apple on Wednesday released updates to fix issues in Lion with Boot Camp and with certain iMacs' graphics cards.

Under the Gavel: Contains graphic content

Our round-up of legal wrangling in the tech industry returns, with a look at two Apple-related patent cases and an impassioned plea against another big merger.

Apple battery firmware open to attack, researcher finds

According to a security researcher, the microcontroller used to control the charging of Apple's laptop batteries could be attacked by malware in a way that might damage the cells.

Remains of the Day: Thunderstruck

Has Apple found its new processor soul mate? Is your iPad passcode opening you up to prying eyes? Does Paul Allen's patent suit stand a fighting chance? Is Apple planning on Thunderbolting one of its main peripherals? So many questions, and no real answers.

Apple preps for third-quarter earnings call next Tuesday

With Apple's third quarter financial results right around the corner, Dan Moren takes a look at what will be the hot topics on the company's upcoming conference call.

Remains of the Day: Omit needless words

Walter Isaacson and Simon & Schuster take Strunk & White's classic maxim to heart with a new title for Steve Jobs's biography, an inside trader tells the court, and a popular iOS game crashes into schools.

Samsung files ITC complaint against Apple

Samsung has filed an ITC complaint against Apple that requests an import ban on potentially infringing products, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Remains of the Day: Final countdown

Apple may be paying back folks for Final Cut Pro X, Sprint is willing to go to any lengths to stop a devastating merger, and, most importantly, the Angry Robots movie continues to gain steam.

Apple now No. 1 in flash memory consumption

Apple has surpassed HP and all other equipment manufacturers to become the world's largest consumer of semiconductor technology, thanks in large part to its mobile devices.

Intel to add new hibernation features to PC chips

Intel is adding a pair of new features to chips used in notebooks and netbooks, one of which will allow the devices to turn on within five to six seconds after being put in hibernation mode.

Intel speeds up road map to tackle threat from ARM

Intel CEO Paul Otellini says his company will dramatically shake up its microprocessor road map to meet the demand for very-low-power processors. He also rebuffed unconfirmed reports that Apple might move away from Intel chips to ARM-based processors.

Samsung producing DDR 2.0 NAND flash

Samsung has begun production of its 20-nanometer DDR 2.0 NAND flash chip technology, which offers twice the capacity over its current chip and vastly better performance.

Analysts: ARM not ready for Apple's MacBooks

Apple's possible move from Intel x86 chips to ARM processors for its MacBooks is feasible, but not practical over the next few years because of technical and performance issues, according to analysts.