Don't-Miss Computer accessory Stories

WaterField Designs announces Magic Trackpad cases

The Magic Trackpad deserves to get out of the house just like any mouse it's designed to replace. WaterField Designs has stepped up to the traveler's plate with two simple cases designed to protect all that glass and aluminum from the sharp edges that lurk in the recesses of your bag.

OWC’s service adds eSATA port to new 27-inch iMac

On Friday, OWC announced a turnkey upgrade program for the 27-inch iMac, which includes an eSATA upgrade.

Apple releases OS X updates for new iMacs, Magic Trackpad

If you rushed out to buy a new iMac or Magic Trackpad, it's time to fire up Software Update and start downloading.

Apple Battery Charger slays vampire draw

Apple's AA battery charger uses far less power than competitors' products once the batteries are fully charged, according to the company.

Kensington announces Laptop Locking Station, Tether Kit

On Tuesday, Kensington announced a new security solution, the Laptop Locking Station. It affixes to your desk to make sure your laptop is always right where you left it.

Apple unveils multitouch Magic Trackpad

Apple on Tuesday unveiled its long-rumored Magic Trackpad input device, a standalone version of the trackpad built into recent MacBook Pros.

Group to work on wireless laptop-charging specification

The Wireless Power Consortium will start working on a new medium-power specification for wirelessly charging laptops.

WaterField Designs releases two Mac keyboard cases

WaterField Designs has released two protective cases for the aluminum wireless Mac keyboard.

Remains of the Day: Google is a lean, green machine

Sure, Apple made a hojillion dollars this quarter, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the tech industry has rolled over and died (they haven’t, right?). Google’s finally got some wind in its sails, Samsung wants no part of Apple’s reception foofaraw, and Microsoft is still trying to hit the moving target that is the future.

Moshi MouseGuard protects your Magic Mouse

Moshi has released the MouseGuard, a wear-resistant, form-fitting thin film that protects the Magic Mouse from everyday wear and tear, while actually improving the tactile response of its touch-enabled surface.

Apple sues over power adapter knockoffs

Apple has filed suit against three computer sellers for selling knockoff power adapters for its products.

Addonics adapter connects eSATA devices to USB port

Addonics Technologies has released an eSATA adapter that lets you connect any eSATA storage device to any USB 3.0, 2.0 or 1.1 port.

Macworld's Gift Guide for Grads

Whether your grad is exiting high school or college remind them that it's not all just pomp and circumstance with this selection of potential gifts. There's something for everybody who's about to take their first step into a larger world.

T'Light desk lamp saves energy, charges your devices

The T'Light is an energy saving LED desk light with multi-charging capability for most notebooks, mobiles, and all iPhone, iPad, and iPod models.

Moshi TeraGlove keeps your displays squeeky clean

The Moshi TeraGlove is a new microfiber cleaning tool designed to remove grease and smudges on all types of displays with ease.