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More MacBook Air (11-inch) bags, cases, and sleeves

Check out the latest in protection for Apple's smallest laptop.

What you need to know about Thunderbolt

The arrival of Apple’s latest MacBook Pro models brings with it a brand-new connection technology called Thunderbolt. And by brand-new, we mean “just announced this morning,” which raises lots of questions about what, exactly, Thunderbolt is and why Apple has chosen to make it a flagship feature of the company’s newest notebooks. Here’s what you need to know about the industry’s latest connection standard.

Twelve South unites your Apple Keyboard, Magic Trackpad

Tired of your Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad roaming free on your desk? Twelve South has released a simple accessory that can unite them for use at your desk or on your lap.

Dvorak keyboard now available for PC and the Mac

Matias has released a hardware Dvorak keyboard that can be used on a Mac or a PC.

Expo Notes: NewerTech debuts eSATA to USB 3.0 adapter

NewerTech has introduced a new USB 3.0 adapter that offers high-speed data relays between computers and external hard drives.

Twelve South announces Book Arc stand for MacBook Air

Looking for somewhere to stow your MacBook Air while you're working at your desktop? Twelve South's new Book Arc stand for Apple's ultralight notebook might be just the thing.

Apple granted solar-power patent

A patent for solar-powered, portable devices has been granted to Apple, which the company has seemingly attempted to keep as low-key as possible.

CES: HyperMac adds external power options for MacBooks

MacBook owners looking for extra juice on long-haul trips away from the convenience of electrical outlets have two new options from Sanho, makers of the HyperMac series of Apple accessories.

Apple Juicz charges your MacBook Air with solar power

QuickerTek expands its pricey solar charging line to include the new MacBook Airs.

Grantwood's Macvelope disguises your Air's sleeve

An Apple ad becomes reality with the Macvelope, a MacBook Air sleeve designed to mimic a manila envelope. Just don't toss it in the shredder.

Newer Technology introduces iPad, Mac mini stands

On Wednesday, computer and portable device accessories maker Newer Technology announced the release of its NuStand Alloy iPad and Mac Mini stands. The new stands are available now for $25 each.

MacBook Air (11-inch) bags and sleeves

Check out the latest in bags and sleeves for Apple's smallest laptop.

LMP to reunite Apple wireless keyboard with numeric keypad

LMP's Bluetooth Keypad, which was just passed through the FCC, brings numerical redemption to your wireless keyboard.

Gear Guide: For Mac users

If you're shopping for anyone who owns a Mac this season, we've got 10 suggestions for great gear you should check out.

Apple posts 'Merry Monday' shopping deals

Just in time for your triumphant post-holiday return to the office, Apple is ready with some Cyber Monday deals on accessories that should make great holiday gifts.