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Introducing Macworld's 100 Things ebook

Get a copy of our popular "100 Things Every Mac User Should Know" magazine feature as an ePub file to read on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Intel speeds up road map to tackle threat from ARM

Intel CEO Paul Otellini says his company will dramatically shake up its microprocessor road map to meet the demand for very-low-power processors. He also rebuffed unconfirmed reports that Apple might move away from Intel chips to ARM-based processors.

HP picks USB 3.0 over Intel's Thunderbolt for desktops

Hewlett-Packard considered using Intel's Thunderbolt interconnect in new desktop PCs announced Monday, but say it's sticking with USB 3.0 because of wider support.

Lab Report: New build-to-order iMacs impress with speed

When Apple released new iMacs in early May, the company also made available new build-to-order options in addition to the standard-configuration models. Macworld Lab tested two iMacs with BTO processor upgrades that offer faster speeds and more processing power, and the result show that the additional cost for the upgrades are worth it -- if you run software that takes advantage of the technology.

Apple's iMac, MacBook Pro lines are SSD friendly

Like the MacBook Pro before it, Apple's latest iMac line-up is optimized to squeeze more performance from solid-state drives.

MacBook Pros, new iMacs get slew of software updates

Apple on Wednesday released a quartet of software updates for the latest iMacs and MacBook Pros.

Remains of the Day: Mystery spot

Has the mystery of the white iPhone's delay been solved? Mayhaps. But the mystery of when the iPhone 5 will arrive is still up in the air, and the iPad is perplexing members of our government.

New 2011 iMacs

Apple releases new, faster iMacs. Jason Snell and Roman Loyola join host Chris Breen to talk about them.

New iMacs support Target Display Mode via Thunderbolt

According to Apple, the new Thunderbolt-equipped iMacs do in fact support Target Display Mode, allowing you to use them as an external monitor. However, there's a catch: It only works with Thunderbolt-equipped Macs.

Apple releases Thunderbolt-equipped iMac line

Apple on Tuesday released a new line of Thunderbolt-equipped iMacs, promising up to 70 percent performance boosts.

Canalys: With iPad's help, Apple is No. 4 PC maker in Q1

Research firm Canalys on Thursday said Apple was the world's fourth-largest PC maker during the first quarter, after adding the computer maker's iPad in worldwide PC shipments.

Firmware update fixes iMac booting issue

iMac Hard Drive Firmware Update 1.0, released Monday, promises to tackle a hard drive issue that prevented some iMacs released in mid-2010 from properly booting.

Official: UK government 'should use more Apple products'

The British government should use more Apple products, the former head of Tony Blair's e-Government Unit has said.