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Apple dumps Flash from Mac OS X

Apple will stop bundling Adobes Flash with Mac OS X, the company confirmed Friday.

Live Update: Back to the Mac

Apple is hosting a ‘Back to the Mac’ event in Cupertino on Wednesday, Oct. 20. The event kicks off at 10 a.m. Pacific next Wednesday, and Macworld will, as always, be providing live, blow-by-blow coverage of Apple’s latest announcements.

Study: Macs to increase enterprise market share by 57 percent

A new study by the Enterprise Desktop Alliance of over 450 IT admins across business and government departments suggests that 2011 could be the Year of the Enterprise Mac.

Apple sales top $20 billion in fiscal fourth quarter

Apple handily beat Wall Street estimates for the fiscal fourth quarter, by reporting earnings of $4.64 per share on revenue of $20.34 billion for the three months ending in September.

Lab Report: The fastest Macs money can buy 2010

Want more bang for your buck? Apple offers upgrades for each system that can increase performance -- and the price -- of a Mac. Using our new Speedmark 6.5 performance test suite, Macworld Lab looks at a number of different build-to-options and finds four customized models that are among the fastest Macs we've tested.

Mac benchmarks: Speedmark 6.5

Macworld Lab uses Speedmark 6.5 to test and compare each new Mac's ability to perform using popular applications.

Speedmark 6.5 test results

Speedmark test results for Apple's Macintosh computers.

Apple releases 27-inch LED Display, Magic Trackpad updates

Apple released software updates for Mac OS X and Boot Camp users to support its new 27-inch Cinema Display, which went on sale last week. A bundled update for Windows users brings support for the Magic Trackpad along with support for the new display.

Apple tops consumer-satisfaction survey again

Apple ranked first in a survey of consumer satisfaction for the seventh straight year.

Introducing the Switching to Mac Superguide

Macworld's Switching to Mac Superguide is aimed at new Mac owners who are making their first baby steps into the OS X world. If you or someone in your family is finally making the switch to a Mac from a PC, this indispensable guide can help with the big move.

Lab tests: New quad-core and eight-core Mac Pros

The new Mac Pros announced in July have finally arrived at Macworld Lab. And while we ran into some hiccups during our tests, we’re able to share our first results.

Remains of the Day: It’s a dessert topping and a floor wax!

What happens when the iPad meets the iMac? Magic happens, friends--at least according to a patent filed by Apple. In other news, the iPad finds adoption among a surprising niche group and Apple’s planning yet another half-hearted assault on the future of television.

Lab tested: 27-inch Core i7 iMac/2.93GHz quad core with SSD

The 27-inch Core i7 iMac/2.93GHz quad core with an SSD is the fastest Mac we've seen.