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'Curtain' reveals Apple Store coming to London's Covent Garden

Apple's new London store, in the heart of Covent Garden, is near completion according to local reports, with a red velvet 'curtain' replacing anonymous white...

Apple to open second flagship store in China on Saturday

Apple will open its second flagship store in China this Saturday, the first since 2008.

Exec: Lenovo 'lucky' Apple not focused on China

Lenovo is "lucky" that Apple CEO Steve Jobs isn't focused on the Chinese market, according to reported comments by Lenovo's chairman.

Dell knew some PCs were faulty, court documents reveal

Dell has been accused of selling faulty PCs that could break down because of bad components.

Benchmarks: New 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo Mac mini

Though the biggest changes to the new Mac mini may be external, there are a few under-the-hood improvements that helped boost the system’s performance in our Speedmark 6 test suite.

See the new Mac mini's insides

As per usual, the team at iFixit has set about disassembling Apple's newest product, the Mac mini, with a modicum of glee.

Meet the new Mac mini

Apple unveiled a new Mac mini this week, so we spend some time talking about the desktop's new features. Also, we check in with Macworld Expo's Paul Kent.

Hands on with the new Mac mini

Apple announced a major update to the Mac mini line Tuesday, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on one.

An inside look at the Mac mini

Apple's latest Mac mini slims down while speeding up. Here's a look at Apple's latest compact computer.

PC shipments to grow this year as economies recover

IDC said worldwide PC shipments would grow by 19.8 percent this year compared to 2009.

Apple unveils new Mac mini with HDMI port

Apple on Tuesday released a redesign of the Mac mini, its low-cost desktop system. The new model features an HDMI port, a new graphics processor, and an SD card slot.

Foxconn plans further pay increase to stop suicides

Foxconn plans to raise pay again for workers in Shenzhen, China to put a stop to a string of suicides at its main factory there.

Foxconn says pay raises in China not about suicides

Foxconn has raised pay among workers in China by 30 percent, but says the raises have nothing to do with a string of suicides at factories there.