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Apple drops 'Get a Mac' for 'Why you'll love a Mac'

Apple seems to have finally retired its 'Get a Mac' campaign for a more candid 'Why you'll love a Mac' approach.

Researcher: Could iPad be driving spike in Mac use?

Search-based online advertising network Chitika says the amount of Web traffic coming from the Mac OS spiked during the month of April -- a sign that the iPad could be driving wider adoption of the Mac.

Introducing the Mac Troubleshooting Superguide

Macworld releases its new Mac Troubleshooting Superguide, which is filled with tips and tricks to help solve some of your most common Mac issues.

Apple releases Mac Pro Audio Update 1.1

FireWire audio devices have apparently been causing "audio anomalies" on early 2009 Mac Pros. This update should silence said anomalies.

Inside the numbers: Apple's great quarter

Jason Snell takes a look at some of the less noticeable numbers that tell the story of Apple's latest remarkable financial performance.

Apple sets sales, profit records for non-holiday quarter

Apple reported sales of $13.5 billion and profits of $3.07 billion during its fiscal second quarter, thanks to strong gains in Mac and iPhone sales. Both revenue and profit figures represent a company record for a non-holiday quarter.

Apple to announce quarterly earnings Tuesday

When Apple announces its sales and earnings for the fiscal second quarter on Tuesday, look for Mac sales and iPad forecasts to be a central part of the conversation.

Apple releases pair of firmware updates for 27-inch iMacs

Apple on Wednesday released two firmware updates for 27-inch iMacs, addressing a variety of issues.

LogMeIn Ignition to receive iPad update on Apr. 3

The free update, available at launch, takes advantage of the iPad's bigger screen to deliver even easier remote control capabilities.

Intel CEO Otellini's pay package jumps 17 percent

Intel CEO Paul Otellini's pay package jumped by 17 percent to $14.12 million in the 2009 fiscal year, thanks to performance-linked awards. Intel also removed pay freezes to employees in the wake of better performance.

GDC: Khronos group unveils OpenGL 4.0 and 3.3

The Khronos group has published the complete specifications for OpenGL 4.0 and OpenGL 3.3 for upcoming and modern graphics hardware.

Consumer Reports: Apple still tops in computer tech support

In Consumer Reports' latest survey of computer tech support, Apple has come out far ahead of their competition for their support of laptop and desktop computers.

Mac user groups and iPod accessories

Before the Mac universe is consumed by iPad madness, we turn our attention to two other topics -- the state of Mac user groups and our favorite iPod and iPhone accessories.