Don't-Miss Desktop Stories

Gartner: PC shipments to grow by 20 percent this year

Gartner upgraded its forecast for PC shipments this year to grow by 20 percent.

Apple admits to yellow-tint iMac issues

Apple confirmed the existence of yellow-tint and display issues in new iMacs and counsels users to contact AppleCare for a fix.

Gartner predicts 20 percent growth for chip industry in 2010

The global chip industry will rebound sharply from the global recession and post 20 percent year-on-year growth in 2010, says Gartner.

Tim Cook talks iPad, Apple

Apple's chief operating officer spoke at an investors conference where he praised the forthcoming iPad, outlined the company's plans for retail expansion, and gave an overview of the company's other products during a wide-ranging talk.

Survey: More Macs in the enterprise

An Enterprise Desktop Alliance survey shows two out of three companies buying Macs this year, which will bring integration challenges for IT admins.

Report gives Apple top honors for reliability

Rescuecom’s 2010 computer reliability report again gives Apple its top spot. The company also led the pack in the last quarterly survey.

Love blooms in the Apple Store

A couple tied the knot at Apple's flagship Fifth Avenue store on Valentine's Day.

Mac Pro Audio Update cuts performance lag

Last week, Apple rolled out an update for recent Mac Pro models that tackles a performance issue for users running multiple applications in Mac OS X 10.6.2. Our tests found that Mac Pro Audio Update 1.0 effectively removes the performance lag you might see if you're trying to perform a task while also playing a song in iTunes.

Study: DRAM industry on the road to recovery

The DRAM industry is recovering from a slump as revenue more than doubled during the fourth quarter of 2009, iSuppli said in a study.

Macworld 2010: Kanex XD and Microvision ShowWX

From Macworld Expo 2010, Roman Loyola takes a look at two Best of Show winners, Kanex's XD (an adapter box for connecting HDMI devices to the current 27-inch iMac) and Microvision's ShowWX (a pico projector).

Apple releases Mac Pro firmware update

Mac Pro Audio Update 1.0 reduces processor utilization during audio activities such as playing or recording music for early 2009 Mac Pro models running OS X 10.6.2.

Intel to monitor social networks on Super Bowl ads

Intel executives are monitoring social networks like Facebook and Twitter to gauge consumer reaction to commercials that it ran during Sunday's Super Bowl.

Intel preparing six-core chips for desktops, servers

Intel is preparing six-core chips for high-end desktops and servers for release in the first half of this year.