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SpyTec 2007

What do video camera glasses, a gaming projector, and a compact bag have in common? Other than all being featured in this week’s edition of Gadgetbox, I have absolutely no idea. But hopefully you trust me enough to read on. Keep those fingers crossed.

Epson intros PowerLite Home Cinema 720 projector

Epson introduced its new PowerLite Home Cinema 720 projector, capable of displaying 720p native resolution, for $1,299.

PhotoVu debuts 22-inch digital picture frame

PhotoVu is now offering a 22-inch "digital picture frame" with a widescreen aspect ratio.

'Pocket Album' digital key chain photo viewer debuts

The Pocket Album is a key chain device that lets you view digital photos.

Sony spinoff plans high-end FED monitors for 2009

A spinoff from Sony plans to sell a range of high-end FED monitors in 2009.

iWear VR920 video eyewear works with Macs, PCs

Vuzix has released its iWear VR920 video eyewear.

Toshiba projector sports 'extreme short projection'

Toshiba has introduced the TDP-EX20U digital projector featuring "extreme short projection."

Epson offers new all-in-one home projectors

Epson has introduced two new all-in-one home projectors, one of which also incorporates HDMI support.

Sharp hits Samsung with LCD patent suit

Sharp, one of the biggest manufacturers of flat-panel displays, has accused Samsung, one of its largest rivals, of infringing five LCD patents.

ColorEyes Display Pro adds Apple display support

ColorEyes Display Pro monitor calibration software now supports Apple Displays, including MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac displays.

Epson rolls out $649 PowerLite S5 projector

Epson's latest budget-priced multimedia projector is the $649 PowerLite S5.

What to expect from Monday's WWDC keynote

Philip Michaels thinks that Steve Jobs will cover three topics during his developers' conference keynote on Monday: Leopard, Leopard, and Leopard again.

Suit against Apple claims false advertising on displays

A class-action lawsuit claims that Apple is misrepresenting the amount of colors its MacBooks and MacBook Pros can display.