Don't-Miss Display Stories

Make your year-end predictions

Every year, we ask several experts to predict what the next 12 months will bring us in terms of products and innovations across the Mac landscape. But we also want to hear what you think is on the horizon.

Soyo puts two 17 or 19-inch LCDs in one display

Soyo Group has introduced dual-screen LCD displays that incorporate two separate LCD flat panels in a single chassis and a single stand.

'Image Moments' digital photo display swaps frames

Digital Foci's new "Image Moments" digital picture frame features an interchangeable frame design and other enhancements -- it costs $229.

ViewSonic LCD displays feature iPod docks

ViewSonic's new ViewDock line of LCD displays feature integrated iPod docks, along with speakers and an 8-in-1 flash media card reader.

Could a 30-in. monitor help you do your job faster?

A study commissioned by Apple concludes that a 30-inch display can help boost worker productivity, but not everyone agrees.

Rearrange your workspace

One easy way to lessen your risk of injury is to get the right chair and set up your hardware correctly. But while most ergonomists concur that certain arrangements are particularly hazardous, they don't always agree on what's best. That makes it difficult to suggest a perfect setup, so consider these recommendations as guidelines.

Epson's new LCD projectors work wirelessly

Epson has unveiled four new LCD projectors, some of which support wireless networking and USB flash drives.

Visual studies

If you opt for the Mac mini but don’t have a spare monitor at home, you’ll need to buy a display. Fortunately, you can get a perfectly decent display—one that you can also use to watch TV and movies—at a reasonable price.

WWDC: Apple drops Cinema Display prices

Apple has reduced the price of its Cinema Displays by as much as $500.

SIGGRAPH report: Graphic content

Check out a week's worth of technology at the annual SIGGRAPH graphics trade show in Boston with this wrap-up report from Gadgetbox blogger Dan Moren.

ATI a potent weapon for AMD in clash with Intel

Even with the buyout of ATI, analysts don't believe AMD will cutoff rival Nvidia.

Neo 17 touchscreen LCD released

CyberTouch has released a touchscreen 17-inch LCD display that's Mac and PC compatible.

LaCie upgrades LCD displays with greater precision

LaCie has upgraded its 300 series LCD displays with 12-bit gamma correction, and introduced a new 20-inch display.