Don't-Miss Display Stories

Remains of the Day: All in the game

The iPad trademark is still anybody's game in China, rumors say a 13-inch Retina display is afoot, and Google Maps and Apple's new maps go head to, well, foot.

Remains of the Day: Glaring errors

Apple may de-glare its iMac displays, the iPhone reigns supreme on Flickr, and the question of the day: Who can possibly portray the inimitable Steve Wozniak?

Remains of the Day: Take your best shot

A Retina display screenshot is worth approximately 4000 words, Kodak snaps a picture of Apple's frustrated face, and Microsoft shoots, but may not score, in a licensing imbroglio.

Remains of the Day: Threat assessment

One game maker makes an impromptu retreat from the field of battle, while Apple brings all its firepower to bear on content negotiations and the iPad is strategically deployed in bureaucratic trouble spots.

Samsung decides to spin off LCD business

Samsung Electronics has decided to spin off the company's LCD (liquid crystal display) panel manufacturing unit.

Samsung to buy Sony's share of LCD panel joint company for $934 million

Sony said Monday it will sell off its entire stake in an LCD (liquid crystal display) manufacturing joint venture with Samsung Electronics for $934 million.

Apple releases Thunderbolt Display firmware update

Apple on Monday released a version 1.1 update for its Thunderbolt Display firmware.

Thunderbolt: How devices affect each other on a daisy chain

Macworld Lab tested different daisy-chain scenarios to find out if certain devices and device placement affects performance. The results are surprising.

The 27th Annual Editors’ Choice Awards

The Editors’ Choice Awards recognize our favorite products released during the past year. Take a look at the list, and you’ll find a set of products that’ll help you get things done.

Speedy Thunderbolt devices slowly coming to market

Months after Thunderbolt made its debut, devices that take advantage of the high-speed technology are making their way to consumers quite slowly.

Weekly Wrap: Fear, Photos, and 'Flix

Each week, we're faced with an impossible task when we try to round up the best Macworld stories of the week gone by--because everything we publish is, as you'd expect, pretty great. But we've made a series of Sophie's choices, and we're proud to offer you this roundup of articles worth clicking on, if you missed them earlier this week. And heck, if you already read them once, they're even better the second time around.

First Look: Apple Thunderbolt Display

The Apple Thunderbolt Display may just be the most clever display ever. Macworld Lab received the new display Friday morning, and immediately we set out to test the new features. What we found is that this display is a great example of the versatility of Thunderbolt.

Wacom announces its largest Cintiq yet, the 24HD

For creative professionals working digitally, screen space has always been a priority. Wacom, in a quest to aid this goal, has decided to up the ante on its Cintiq line with the Cintiq 24HD, which provides a full 24 inches of widescreen real estate.

Remains of the Day: Supersize me

It's a mega-giganta-humungo edition today, as we cover everything from Apple losing yet another prototype iPhone, to a neighborly Steve Jobs, to Tim Cook's email habits.

Kanex offers Mini DisplayPort DVI converter for 27-inch Cinema Display

A new converter from Kanex lets you connect older Macs with DVI ports to the 27-inch Apple Cinema Display.