Don't-Miss Display Stories

Apple introduces new 27-inch LED Cinema Display

Apple's new display provides great resolution, built-in iSight and speakers, and a powered USB 2.0 hub.

Pixel Qi shows prototype touchscreen displays

Pixel Qi, a display start-up that's generating buzz for its laptop screen that works well both indoors and outdoors, showed off prototype touchpanel versions.

Moshi TeraGlove keeps your displays squeeky clean

The Moshi TeraGlove is a new microfiber cleaning tool designed to remove grease and smudges on all types of displays with ease.

Fujitsu improves color e-paper screen

Fujitsu Laboratories will unveil next week a new version of its electronic paper display that's easier on the eyes, the company said Friday.

AU to seek US import ban on LG Display LCD panels

Taiwan's AU plans to seek an injunction in the U.S. against the import and sale of LCD panels made by rival LG Display that infringe on four of its patents.

Winscape 'faux windows' let you spice up the scenery from an iPhone

Tired of looking at your backyard or the brick wall of a neighboring apartment? Rational Craft's Winscape system will let you pick your own scenery and customize it with an iPhone app.

Dell sues five LCD makers for alleged price-fixing

Dell has filed a lawsuit against five LCD makers for allegedly colluding to fix prices for their products, a Dell spokesman said Monday.

Acer adds HDMI input to K11 pico projector

Acer's K11 Pico Projector fits VGA and HDMI ports into a package weighing 610 grams. It will go on sale by late April, Acer staff at CeBIT said.

Taiwan earthquake may send LCD, chip prices higher

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake that struck Taiwan early Thursday may affect the tech industry by sending prices of LCD panels and, certain chips higher.

Flatscreen Arms helps you float your iMac

At Macworld Expo, Flatscreen Arms had its line of iMac- and Apple display-compatible arms and mounts on display.

Macworld 2010: Ten One Design Inklet and Canson Papershow

Roman Loyola takes a look at Macworld Expo 2010 Best of Show products, Ten One Design’s Inklet and Canson’s Papershow.

Macworld 2010: Kanex XD and Microvision ShowWX

From Macworld Expo 2010, Roman Loyola takes a look at two Best of Show winners, Kanex's XD (an adapter box for connecting HDMI devices to the current 27-inch iMac) and Microvision's ShowWX (a pico projector).

Dell's new 27-Inch IPS monitor now shipping

Dell's new high-end IPS 27-inch monitor offers users a high-end experience, with a massive 2560-by-1440 screen resolution.