Don't-Miss Display Stories

Toshiba announces Cell TV HDTV

Toshiba trotted out its latest and greatest HDTV, the Cell TV, with its companion media center set-top box.

Sony debuts new design and 3D HDTVs for 2010

Sony today introduced 12 new series of HDTVs for the coming year. The new models will start rolling out in spring and continue in summer.

Sharp QuadPixel technology promises better HDTV color

Sharp announced a new line of Aquos HDTVs, that will add a yellow subpixel to the normal red, green and blue (RGB) colors used in TV pixels.

LG TVs make new connections

LG's connected HDTVs are getting more connections, including support for Skype video calls.

New pico projectors debut, aim for prime time

New pico projectors are making their entrance at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, from Microvision, 3M and others.

Pandigital's frame has AT&T connectivity

Many digital frames offer limited Internet access through a Wi-Fi connection, but the Photo Mail frame will connect using AT&T's 3G network instead.

Casio Digital Art Frame turns photos into art

Casio's new 10.2-inch Digital Arts Frame lets users apply the kinds of graphic filters found in Photoshop.

LG Display develops thinnest-yet LCD TV panel

LG Display has developed a prototype LCD panel for television sets that's less than a quarter the thickness of the company's current production panels.

Will LCD panel price-fixing scandal mean lower prices?

A Taiwanese maker of thin-film transistor-liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCDs) has agreed to plead guilty and pay a $220 million fine for price-fixing.

Epson releases PictureMate Show snapshot printer

A partnership between Intel and Nokia announced on Tuesday to develop future mobile devices will be mutually beneficial, analysts said.

Nokia sues LCD makers for price fixing

Nokia is suing display manufacturers Samsung, LG, Philips, Toshiba and others for price-fixing.

Is the 27-inch iMac all it's cracked up to be?

Some 27-inch iMacs have been arriving at consumers' homes with cracked screens. And Macworld Lab has some first-hand experience with the issue.

Ostendo 43-inch curved monitor: The ultimate gaming display?

If your existing display just isn't cutting it any more, then it might be time to step up to Ostendo's 43-inch curved monitor. This long-awaited display is now...