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iFixit disassembles the Mac Pro

If you thought the new year would bring an end to iFixit's disassembling tendencies, you might have stumbled into an alternate universe, friend. This time, the target is Apple's new Mac Pro, which the iFixit folks have found remarkably repair-friendly.

Macworld Editors's Choice Awards

Macworld Editors' Choice Awards: The best products of 2013

The editors of Macworld see hundreds of product each year. These products are the one that made the most impact in 2013.

FireWire's demise: Here's how to cope

There are solutions, but all have drawbacks, which you must carefully weigh before buying

Remains of the Day: Turn on the lights

A Steve Jobs creation sets sail, Scott Forstall isn't sorry one bit, and you'll soon be able to buy lightbulbs at your local Apple Store.