Don't-Miss Headphone Stories

BudCase fits more earbuds

The BudCase earbud keychain carrying case has been redesigned to fit more earbud models.

Expo Daily Round-Up: iPod gadgets and other goodies

In his final report from the Expo show floor, Rik Myslewski uncovers some of the most interesting iPod add-ons on display at the week-long trade show as well as some of gadgets of interest.

Sennheiser earbuds go pink for breast cancer

Sennheiser's CX300 in ear earbuds are now available in pink, with 10 percent of the proceeds going to fund breast cancer research.

Cool Mac Gear: Travel accessories

We’re here to shed a little light on annual gift-buying the problem. We’ve collected some cool Mac-compatible gadgets to help you feel at home while traveling—from laptop bags and sleeves to iPhone adapters and headsets. You’ll find gifts at various prices, making it that much easier to find the right gift at the right price for each recipient (even if the recipient is you).

Cool Mac Gear: Entertainment

You can't wear headphones all the time, right? That's why the electronics stores are crammed with iPod speakers. If you really want to do your iPod justice, you've got to ditch the earbuds that came with it and upgrade. Here's the hottest assortment of speakers, headphones, and the coolest way to watch movies from your Mac.

Logitech offers new USB headsets

Logitech has unveiled two new USB-based headsets that also have built-in microphones, for listening to music, gaming or chatting via Internet voice services.

The ears have it

Jim Dalrymple learns what a good pair of in-ear canalphones can do to improve his iPod experience.

Headset offers 'virtual phone booth' for laptop users

Plantronics' .Audio 480 headset features a noise-canceling mic and sound-isolating earbuds.

Future Sonics offers limited availability of Atrio earphones

Pro audio earphone-maker Future Sonics on Tuesday began offering its new Atrio Series earphones to consumers on a limited basis. The company typically makes earphones for professional musicians, but said interest from consumers led them to offer the Atrio in a variety of markets.

SoundTech offers LightSnake iChat multimedia headset

SoundTech's LightSnake iChat is a multimedia headset with an earbud style design that lights up when it senses sound.

RadTech offers new Bluetooth in-ear headset

RadTech is offering a new Bluetooth in-ear headset that features 15+ hours of runtime plus an anti-bacterial coating on its earbud.

In-ear headphones really make a difference

When Jim Dalrymple tried out his first pair of in-ear-canal headphones with an iPod, he realized what he had been missing in terms of comfort and music quality.

In-ear-canal headphone primer

As more and more people own iPods, Zens, and Zunes, and use those players in noisy environments, in-ear-canal headphones have become increasingly popular. We've put together this primer to help you understand what makes canalphones unique and why you may (or may not) want to give them a try.