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Favorites from the show floor

Jonathan Seff has walked around part of the exhibit hall at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and found a few new products that should interest Mac users.

Digital Age offers wireless headset, laptop 2.1 speakers

Digital Age is offering wireless headphones and a 2.1 speaker system for notebook computers.

Plantronics offers multipurpose Mac, iPod headset

Plantronics on Monday unveiled a new headset with stereo speakers and built-in mic it says is equally suited for Macs and iPods.

iPod Gear Guide

Whether you’ve got a shuffle, a mini, or a regular dockable iPod, you can choose from an amazing array of add-ons for your music player.’s Dan Frakes and Christopher Breen pick out some of their favorites. Plus: we’ve got the latest tips for using the iPod shuffle and iTunes.

Gear Guide: Part Three

A USB-powered coffee mug? It’s just one of the gadgets that makes a perfect holiday gift for a Mac user on the go. And if you have Mac-loving gamers on your holiday gift list, never fear—we’ve got cool gadgets for them, too, in part three of our Gear Guide.

Gear Guide: Part One

Gadgets for Office Workers and Photographers