Don't-Miss Home audio Stories

Shure intros earphones with integrated iPhone mic, controls

Shure's new SE210m+ Sound Isolating Headset aims to combine the professional audio performance and sound isolation of the company's SE210 Earphones, with an integrated remote and microphone for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Ambrosia releases SoundBoard 2.0

SoundBoard 2.0, the new version of the sound effect software, adds Aoundpipe Audio Routing, finer audio controls, and more.

Remains of the Day: Tricks of the trademark

You might think that Apple can escape all those endless lawsuits about trademarks and intellectual property when it does business overseas, but no such luck. Also, a former POTUS loves his iPad, and look! Up there in the sky! It's a's a plane...well, actually, it's Steve Jobs's plane.

Audioengine releases N22 desktop amplifier

Audioengine has released the company's N22 Premium Desktop Audio Amplifier, a compact, two-channel amplifier for use in a high-quality desktop or bookshelf stereo system.

Audio-Technica's AT-LP240 USB turntable offers quality, convenience

While most USB turntables tend to lack the quality components that provide great sound, Audio-Technica’s new AT-LP240-USB Direct-Drive Turntable aims to offer the best of both worlds by letting you easily digitize your old records without compromising on quality. adds mobile store to iPhone app

Previous versions of the iPhone app required users to buy books via their computers. No more.

Remains of the Day: Over Hurd

Justin Bieber may be capable of single-handedly bringing down Twitter, but Mark Hurd only wishes he had that problem. Meanwhile, Eminem’s downloading money by the fistful and Google’s getting ready to switch on its TV service.

Facebook Connect mysteriously disappears from Apple's Ping

Apple has mentioned Facebook Connect support for new social network Ping in Wednesday's keynote, the iTunes 10 how-to video, on the Ping Website, and even in a conversation with All Things D. So why is the feature no longer available?

Sell your own music on iTunes with Indaba

Indaba Music, a Website that lets musicians collaborate and make music online, has revamped its site to include a number of new services and features, including the ability for artists to sell their music on iTunes.

Apple announces special event on Sep. 1

Apple on Wednesday announced that it would hold a special, invitation-only event on September 1 in San Francisco.

iTunes U tops 300 million downloads

Apple on Tuesday announced that iTunes U, the educational section of the iTunes Store, has topped 300 million downloads in just over three years.

Remains of the Day: Pretty soon you're talking real money

A financial analyst thinks Apple needs to share the wealth, a lone astromech prototype is uncovered, and Steve Jobs's car is scrutinized in a frankly creepy fashion.

Remains of the Day: Say it ain't so, Yoko

The artists previously known as The Quarrymen are sticking to CDs, pranksters go for a repeat performance but lose something in the process, and not all droids are created equal.