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Five misconceptions about iTunes and iPods

There's a lot of misinformation floating around about the iTunes/iPod/iPhone ecosystem. Here's a truthful look at a few of the more popular notions out there.

Belkin receiver turns any stereo into a Bluetooth speaker

A new hardware device from Belkin turns your trusty speaker setup into a Bluetooth receiver.

Macworld's favorite podcast tools

The days of recording a podcast with your MacBook's microphone are over. Look to these tools to help improve your sound.

Eye (and ear) candy for audiophiles

These high-end audio accessories for your Mac and iPod are designed to sound (and look) like a million bucks.

iTunes Store (finally) adds album previews

The iTunes Store has finally provided a way to preview all tracks on an album with one click.

iTunes Rewind 2009 looks back at the best media of the year

The iTunes Store has posted iTunes Rewind 2009, a recap of the best of the year in music, podcasts, TV shows, movies, audiobooks, and apps.

Apple confirms Lala music service acquisition

Apple has acquired online music streaming company Lala, adding to the ways it could offer music to users.

University of Michigan teaches how to create iPhone instruments

The University of Michigan has almost completed the first semester of their course on Building a Mobile Phone Ensemble, taught by a leading developer behind the Ocarina iPhone app.

Stitcher iPhone app offers live streaming radio programs

Stitcher, an iPhone app that offers radio programs on demand, has introduced live streaming. Stitcher 3.0 allows you to toggle between previously broadcast content and live programs.

Fring update brings one-way video chat to iPhone

A recent update to VoIP software Fring has made it the first iPhone app to allow video-chatting, but it's not without limitations.

Great gear for over $150

Part three of Macworld's 2009 Holiday Gear Guide looks at gifts that cost more than $150 and are worth every penny.

Free (and some not free) live music

Many bands allow people to tape their concerts, sell live recordings of shows, or both. Here are some places to look if you crave the rush of live music.

Twelve South announces BassJump laptop subwoofer

Twelve South has announced the BassJump, a USB-powered subwoofer that aims to enhance the audio pumped out by your MacBook's own speakers.